spring cleaningWhen it comes to easy spring cleaning, The Maids has you covered. Not only is our blog filled with fast spring cleaning tips, we even have what not to clean, how to make the best spring cleaning task list ever and how to keep your sanity while tossing out the clutter. You know we’re here for you when you need help with cleaning, but you may not know you have another ally right outside your door. Her name is Mother Nature. And she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Let the sunshine in.

Not only will increased exposure to natural light brighten every room, it can also brighten your spirits. Sunshine increases levels of serotonin in your brain, which helps balance your mood and promote a feeling of wellbeing. With the lengthening of the days in the spring, it’s almost as if Mother Nature wants to make spring cleaning as fun and painless as possible. Sunshine also assists your body in keeping your circadian rhythms on track, allowing you to fall asleep more easily. Now is your chance to throw back the curtains dramatically. And in every room. Don’t you feel better already?

There she blows.

Now that your curtains are open, it’s time to let your house inhale a deep sigh of relief. Fresh air not only helps breathe new life into stale rooms, it’s also been proven to help us feel calmer and happier, even (and especially) when it’s raining outside. It can rejuvenate us better than a cup of coffee and relax us faster than Morgan Freeman’s voice. Keep the windows cracked in every room all day, or open the windows on opposite sides of your home for great cross-ventilation. Of course, this is great when you live in suburbia or surrounded by a pine forest, but what if you live in the heart of a city? Or suffer from allergies? Mimic the scents of nature with essential oils. Place a few drops of lavender, jasmine, peppermint, or pine on cotton balls next to your air registers or misted on your air filters. You’ll get some of the benefits without the downsides.

Grow something gorgeous.

Last month we talked about how awesome the color green was for home décor, and now we see it’s vital for spring cleaning as well. The best way to insert some virescent inspiration is to grow houseplants. Read our blog, Clear the Air: A Houseplant for Every Room in Your Home, for plant suggestions and uses. Not only will they filter your air naturally, they’ll also provide you with a fresh, living reminder that Mother Nature knows what she’s doing. And she’s here to help. So are we.

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