According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average North American spends between one and three hours per day on household activities, including house cleaning. Between careers, family responsibilities and other demands, keeping the house clean on a regular basis can be challenging. Even spending an average of two hours per day on cleaning may not get you the results you want unless you have a strategy.

If your New Year’s resolution for 2019 is to get better at tidy house cleaning so you can avoid those weekend cleaning marathons, we’ve got some tips to help you get the most out of your daily and weekly cleaning. Put Things Away After You Use Them

Most of us have been hearing this sage advice for as long as we can remember and that’s because it may be the number one solution for eliminating clutter. You can start your new resolution for putting things where they belong by doing a room-by-room inspection. As you move from one room to another, your job is to spot anything that isn’t where it should be. Be ruthless in your search and be sure to include clothes, books, toys and shoes. Keep in mind that a few out-of-place items can quickly turn into big messes.If you’re short on storage space, consider some storage hacks and take some time to re-evaluate your current storage situation. You can use over-the-door organizers for additional storage in your bedrooms, bathrooms and closets. Use decorative baskets and other appealing options to corral smaller items. With a little thought, you can find all kinds of ways to find extra storage and still keep your house looking great.

Clean One Room at a Time

The easiest way to keep your house clean is to methodically tackle one room at a time with a plan of action. By splitting up the cleaning and following a schedule of one room daily, you can chip away at even the most untidy house until it’s back in shape. Then all you have to do is maintain that clean house one day at a time.


Blobs of toothpaste, mirror spots, shower grime and wet towels can quickly get out of hand as the days go on. Since the bathroom is the one room you use multiple times per day, it takes the top spot in our daily cleaning list. Assign the bathroom to a particular day and do the following cleaning tasks at a minimum:

  • Clean the sink
  • Clean the shower and tub
  • Clean the mirror and faucet
  • Mop the floors

Each day after you shower, take a DIY natural cleaner and spray down the shower walls. Let it sit for five minutes while you brush your teeth and then shower off the walls. This quick routine will extend the time between deep cleanings and keep that mold and mildew at bay.


Keeping a bedroom nice and tidy comes down to storage and cleaning up as you go. If you don’t have enough storage, consider investing in storage options for under the bed and other storage solutions. On the day you’ve picked for bedroom duty, at a minimum, do the following:

  • Pick up any clutter
  • Dust desks, nightstands, dressers and shelves
  • Clean mirrors
  • Vacuum and sweep the floor
  • Don’t forget ceiling fans if you have them


Are you one of those people who insist on letting the dishes soak in the sink before loading them into the dishwasher? Well, we’re on to you. Most modern dishwashers do an excellent job cleaning even the most greasy and dirtiest of dishes. Load dishes in the dishwasher as soon as you finish using them. If you must soak a particularly messy pan or bowl, go ahead but don’t make it a regular thing. This one tip combined with getting into the habit of cleaning up while you cook will go a long way towards your tidy house cleaning resolution. Here are the things you’ll clean on the kitchen day:

  • Clean countertops
  • Clean the stove and range
  • Organize your pantry and refrigerator and purge expired food
  • Sweep and mop the floor
  • Clean the microwave
  • Wipe down all surfaces

Living Room

The living room gets a lot of traffic. It’s amazing how quickly messes can accumulate. Just like with the bedroom, storage options have a lot to do with minimizing clutter in rooms that get a lot of use. Make sure you routinely put stuff where it belongs, so your living room can make a good first impression. Each day, do a quick scan of the living room for opportunities to declutter and do some spot cleaning where needed. Here’s what you’re going to clean each week:

  • Declutter (even if done daily, this task seems to require constant attention!)
  • Fluff up pillows and fold up any throws or blankets and put them away
  • Dust all surfaces
  • Vacuum and sweep the floors
  • Vacuum under any chair and couch cushions
  • Give your curtains and upholstery a quick spray with fabric freshener

Depending on the layout of your home, you should have enough days in the week to clean most rooms, so you can easily add a den, additional bedrooms and bathrooms, etc. If you have more rooms than days in the week, you may want to consider a maid service. You’ll still keep your house nice and tidy through the week, but you’ll have the added assurance of a thorough weekly cleaning and make your cleaning routine that much easier.

Stick to a schedule

If you’re genuinely committed to your tidy house cleaning resolution, you’re going to need a  schedule. It’s one thing to give each room a quick cleaning on a particular day, but it’s going to take some weekly and monthly strategies, too. You can keep a detailed schedule on the refrigerator, a whiteboard or any other place that keeps the tasks front and center. The best cleaning schedules include specific tasks and specific times or frequencies.

By splitting that multitude of household tasks into daily, weekly and even monthly routines, you can keep your house not just tidy, but sparkling clean every day. Plus, when you combine those quick daily cleanings with regularly scheduled deeper cleanings, all that dirt, dust and grime doesn’t stand a chance. If you can add a little excitement and fun to the job at hand and involve your kids, so much the better. Get the kids onboard and you’ll have less work and opportunities for quality time with the family.

Key Takeaways for Tidy House Cleaning

  • Make it a daily routine to maintain tidiness with our clean-up tips for each room
  • Clean as you cook and don’t leave dishes in the sink
  • Make the bed as soon as you get up
  • Make decluttering a constant focus
  • Keep a detailed schedule
  • Maintain sufficient storage and keep everything is in its place

Aside from consistent daily and weekly cleanings, you should also keep in mind those less-frequent cleaning needs. These could include mattresses, blinds, changing air filters and other chores that can easily be forgotten without a schedule. Your daily and weekly cleaning schedule will help you keep your resolution of tidy house cleaning. When you expand your schedule to include monthly and even quarterly cleaning tasks, your home will go from tidy to super-clean.

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