1.5 How to Keep Your Bathroom Stocked During a PartyParty time! You’ve lined up the adult beverages, warmed the appetizers, and are ready to throw a smashing good time for your guests. There’s just one lingering issue: the bathroom.

It’s clean, of course; you saw to that. But there’s a ton of people coming over tonight, and at some point in the evening most, if not all of them, are going to need to use the bathroom. Being the gracious host that you are, you want your facilities to be a pleasant highlight of the evening festivities. In short, you don’t want people to run out of toilet paper or soap, or have used towels strewn across the rug.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner with friends or have pawned off the kids on your in-laws to relive your college years, here are some tips to keep your bathroom stocked during house parties. 

  1. When making party set-up preparations, get a guest head count and work from there. You’ll want a full roll of toilet paper on the TP stand before the party starts, and have at least two additional rolls within easy reach—either perched behind the toilet or along the counter. This way, no one has to be that person who slinks out of the bathroom, whispering, “You’re out of TP.”
  2. Ensure you have proper bathroom storage so your guests aren’t seeing things you don’t want them to see. Tuck any cosmetics away in a drawer, and put any bath toys in a cabinet (or carefully placed in the tub).
  3. Arrange your bathroom supplies so guests have easy access to them. You don’t want someone hunting (or snooping) around for soap, do you? If you’ve got a lot of people coming, you may want to avoid using regular towels and purchase paper towels for your guests to use once and toss in the garbage. We’re not talking a boring old roll from the kitchen, either—you can get some colorful, incredibly festive designs! 
  4. Provide two types of soaps. Not just two different scents (although that’s nice as well); instead, set up a full pump-style soap, and have a regular bar of soap on the soap dish. In the unlikely event that one runs out, guests can turn to the other, and good hygiene will prevail.
  5. If you really want to stay on everyone’s good side, leave a container of mints on the counter or just outside the bathroom. It’s a great opportunity for guests to cleanse their palates between courses…or, if it’s a holiday party, to freshen up before mingling under the mistletoe.
  6. Additionally, some lotion or a scented candle is a nice touch. It makes the bathroom smell nice, and a candle adds a touch of ambiance if you’re having an evening party. Just make sure it’s kept well away from any paper products!

Summer’s coming, which means house party ideas are probably flying at you left and right. Make sure you’ve got your house looking snazzy for your shindig—contact The Maids for same-day cleaning service and you’ll be good to go.

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