Guest-Proof Your HomeHaving friends and loved ones in your home for the holidays can be pure heaven. But, it can also feel like a place a little further south, especially if you haven’t taken the time to guest proof your home from trip hazards, empty fridges, dirty bathrooms, overfilled trash cans, and clogged toilets.

Make the most of your holiday visits with these quick hosting hacks.

  • Triple-line all trash cans.

    Adding additional liners to your trash can ensures there’s always another one at the ready when it’s time to take a full bag out. Also, line the bottom of your trash cans with newspaper to catch leaks.

  • Buy the cheap toilet paper.

    Since today’s toilets use less water, they are easier to clog. The plush TP doesn’t flush as easily so that’s a recipe for disaster when you have several guests about. Keep a plunger in each bathroom just in case (guests are more likely to use one in private rather than ask you for help).

  • Prevent rummaging.

    By openly providing extra towels, washcloths, extra paper goods, feminine products, and travel-sized incidentals, you prevent guests from having to rummage through your drawers, closets, and medicine cabinets. This isn’t to say it will stop them, but it’s worth a shot.

  • Move medications and any personal or valuable items to a more private location.

    Nothing puts a damper on a holiday visit than a broken family heirloom, a lost favorite earring, or a missed prescription because you are off your routine.

  • Keep tissues, napkins, and paper towels at the ready.

    Sneezes, saucy faces, and spills happen, so keep disposable paper products on hand. You’ll save your guests embarrassment by not making it a big deal, and you’ll be prepared for the next time it happens … because it will.

  • Slip on some slipcovers.

    They are not always necessary, but slipcovers can serve more than one purpose. They can either protect your furniture from guests or protect your guests from furniture—especially if you have more pet hair than you want to deal with or a stain that detracts from the comfort of the couch.

These tips will help you make the most of your guests’ visit. To ensure a more relaxing experience for everyone, including you, consider a one-time cleaning from The Maids before they come. It not only minimizes your to-do list, but it also maximizes your time with people you love. And, really, isn’t that why you’re hosting in the first place?

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