How to Get Your Kids WANT To Clean

What is it about cleaning that kids don’t enjoy? Okay, maybe that isn’t a fair question. Getting your kids to pitch in when it comes to cleaning the house may seem like an impossible feat, but with these revolutionary ideas, your kids will be helping out and having fun in no time!


Teamwork Makes The Dream Work
Think teamwork when assigning tasks. Working alone can be daunting for a child. Partner up and clean a room or area together. This option not only provides great bonding opportunities, but a chance to show your child what cleaning techniques and results work best.


Bust A Move
Who doesn’t love to dance? Blast fun music of their choice while cleaning with your kids to keep their energy up and make cleaning less boring. Try to clean up before the song finishes for an extra challenge.


The Gold Medal Goes To…
Need your kids to clean their room? Make it a race against the clock. Set a timer for 10-15 minutes, and then let the games begin. However, if your child is easily panicked or stressed, this might not be the best option.


Game Time
Hold a cleaning lottery. Write some chores on scraps of paper and throw them into a bowl. Have your kids pick a few. Those chores will be theirs for the week. This game provides variety to the cleaning process and gives children a chance to learn multiple chores. Rewards for the lottery are up to you, but a yummy treat or new movie could be good options.


In A Land Far Far Away
Imagination is a kid’s best friend. Make cleaning a fun make-believe game by devising a creative story. Keep your kid’s interests in mind when brainstorming!


Whatever options you choose or create, always remember that cleaning with kids is all about entertainment and learning. Keep it simple and fun for a clean and happy house.

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