Cobwebs can be a great accessory for creating that spooky atmosphere that gets you in the mood for costumes and jack-o-lanterns…if they’re fake, but when the real cobwebs set up shop around your home, it’s time to scare them away with a few little tricks of the trade.

Trick 1: Textured Surfaces

For textured walls and ceilings with cobwebs, try using a lint roller. Grab a paint roller with the extension arm (for the hard to reach places) and simply place the lint roller tube on the paint roller. Then, get rolling! You can roll over any surface, including wallpaper, and the cobwebs will attach to the sticky adhesive without damaging the surface underneath. You can throw away the tape as it gets dirty.


Trick 2: Small Spaces

When it comes to smaller spaces like those around curtain rods or door hinges, it can be difficult to get those cobwebs to budge with a regular duster. A one or two inch paintbrush is just the tool for the job. A small brush gives you the control to spot clean and get into tiny spaces, while the bristles are hard enough to lift webs from any surface. Take the paintbrush along with you during your regular dusting routine so it’s handy when you need it.


Trick 3: Go Straight to the Source

Now that we’ve gotten rid of all the cobwebs, let’s keep them away by going straight to the source….the spider. Spiders hate citrus (as do many other wicked household insects), so put a little bit of lemon juice on a brush and dab it on the corners of your walls, ceilings, and other places that cobwebs gather in your home. You’ll put the spiders to rest-for good.


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