There are many ways to celebrate your home country these days, international competitions notwithstanding. That said, seeing so many bold colors waving on television and celebrated throughout the world’s city streets made us want to bring patriotic colors into every room of our homes. We’ve selected a handful of rooms inspired by nations around the world; even if your particular country isn’t represented, we think you’ll still find plenty of creativity to represent your roots and let your own colors fly.

Flagship Kitchen: Cooking With Patriotic Flair

While it is probably true that a patriotic kitchen is best presented in farm houses, cottages, and cabins, there is plenty of mass appeal in textured blue corrugated metal, warm red accents, and crisp ivory stars. Sometimes bold flag styling can be taken traditionally, as it is here; other times it can give homeowners a push in the right direction. We happen to love the rough-hewn brick backsplashes in this kitchen; the red texture could easily find its way home next to steely blues and opaque whites in modern kitchens just as the stainless steel appliances pair beautifully in this rustic one. No matter what colors your country flies, you can see exactly how they could find a home here.

Farmhouse Kitchen

Flagship Bedroom: Laying Claim To The Bed

Stake your territory with a home country-inspired pillow, as these Canadian homeowners have done. This is a perfect example of how you don’t need to have a lot of something to make a big impression; you just need to provide a blank enough canvas to make what’s important stand out.

Another thought? Go big. Hang a large framed flag as a striking wall hanging or a patriotic headboard. Regardless of how you use it, flags used in the bedroom help remind us of home, even if our beds are far away from the countries of our birth. To keep the tone subdued, let the flag command the respect it deserves by not overcrowding it.

El Cabrillo

Flagship Bathroom: Make Waves Old Glory-Style

For a striking bathroom, look no further than the stars and stripes. This Grand Rapids home wraps its guest bathroom in a patriotic painted mural, and it steps up the look not only with color but also with texture and faux appeal. It’s worth noting that the texture, sheen and the use of ivo-ry for the white softens the otherwise very bold lines. By keeping every other element in the room understated (note the lack of color on the vanities and mirrors), Old Glory stands out with-out overpowering the room.

Traditional Bathroom

Flagship Living Room: The Land of the Free Time

You could decorate your living room with subtle nods to patriotic pride. Or you could throw that advice out the window and upholster your furniture in the name of queen and country. Words can’t capture how much we love these Union Jack chairs, but it’s something along the lines of “bloody brilliant”.

Apartment "D"

Patriotic Porch: By the Dawn’s Early Light

If you do want to go subtle, this is a great way to do it. The color scheme of this patio could take its cues from any number of national flags. Stripes repeat in varying patterns and widths. Colors stretch within their spectrum, especially the whites, which smooth into ivories, beiges, and browns. The result is a cohesive look that could lean itself toward patriotic, yet remain reverently soft and chic. The only thing missing is an iconic print above the mantel.

Chalet Architec-ture, Ontario, Canada


We’d love to see more examples of the patriotic style from our readers. Do you have a picture of your home you’d like to share?

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