My daughter is obsessed with Disney Princesses as I’m sure many four-year-old little girls are. Oftentimes the only way I can convince her to get dressed, brush her hair, or clean up her toys is to relate it to how a princess would do it, which really got me thinking for today’s blog topic. If I asked the princesses for their cleaning secrets, what would they say?


Belle would say:
“I love books, but I have so many they tend to get dusty. I use canned air to dust my bookshelves, for tiny figurines, picture frames and especially books. Soft dusters, rags and furniture polish can’t always get in the little spaces they need to, but canned air does the trick quickly without damaging my valuables. I would recommend doing this after traditional dusting methods to avoid blowing large amounts of dust into the air.”




Jasmine would say:
“Before I take a magic carpet ride, I make sure my rugs are clean. Vacuuming alone won’t get the job done, so I revitalize my rugs by shaking them outside, then putting them over a clothesline and pounding out the dust. This loosens up the dirt and rocks that have embedded deeply into the carpet fibers. Once I’ve cleared the excess particles, I start vacuuming to lift the rest of the debris.”



Snow White would say:
“With seven messy, hairy men, I have to sweep everyday. But once my broom starts making a bigger mess than it’s sweeping up, it’s time for a cleaning. I start by picking out the lint and hair trapped at the ends of the bristles. You can use a vacuum or your fingers if needed. Next, I soak the broom in some warm water and dish soap for about two hours, and let it dry out over night. The next morning I trim the frayed ends and my broom is as good as new.”



Cinderella would say:
“To get my tile floors as clean as the glass slippers on my feet, I have to get down and scrub. Mops tend to get what’s on the surface. When I am down at ground level with a bucket of warm water, a sponge and some dishwashing liquid, I can really tackle the tough spots inside the creases and along the baseboards, a place that often gets overlooked. Remember to always sweep up before you start scrubbing so that you can really focus on just the dirt.”


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