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If you’re thinking about redecorating a room in your home, you’ve probably stressed about how to choose the right rug. Put your feet up. You’ve come to the right place.

Choose the rug first.

If you’re starting from scratch, some experts suggest the rug should be one of the first things you consider purchasing. The logic is that it’s usually easier to match paint, wallpaper, and furnishings to rugs than the other way around, especially if the rug ends up being a major focal point in the room. This same advice applies whether you are choosing a highly patterned or colorful rug or a neutral one.

Choose the right size.

Your rug should always be “anchored” in the room; in other words, it should be large enough for at least one side of the rug to fit under at least the front legs of the furniture in the room. This gives the feeling that the room belongs together.

Choose the right materials.

The key to choosing the right materials is determining how much traffic the rug will get. The higher the traffic, the denser and more durable the material and weave. Living rooms and bedrooms are great places for tufted and piled rugs as they are soft on the shoeless feet. Natural rugs woven from plant fibers are naturally resilient and stain resistant, making them perfect for hallways and dining rooms.

Choose a rug pad.

No matter where you place your rug, an underlying rug pad is a good idea. It keeps the rug from shifting and creating a trip hazard, and it also adds another layer of comfort and protection. Another bonus: It can extend the life of your rug by a third with proper care.

Bad rugs get a bad rap, so when it’s time to revitalize your space, use these tips above get some good style underfoot. Have fun decorating!

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