How to Celebrate Earth: Small Changes That Make a Big Impact

Earth Day has been observed for over 50 years. It’s more than a cute holiday, but an important tradition that recognizes the need to take care of our planet. Since 1971, practices like recycling have become commonplace, but there are always more changes we can make to initiate a greener lifestyle. If you’re not sure how to celebrate Earth Day, let us help!

These Earth Day tips go beyond organic cleaning but are simple to adopt.  Implementing these changes can help make a gentler impact on the planet, and lighten the burden of some household expenses. It’s an environmental win/win! 

Go digital

Switching your magazines, newspapers, bank statements, and bills to a digital format is a great way to cut down on unnecessary paper usage. With this one step, you’ve reduced the energy used for recycling, the piles on your counter, and your carbon footprint!

Watch your water use

It may seem like a small switch in the moment, but turning off the faucet while you’re brushing your teeth can save up to several gallons per day. Similarly, you can turn off the water as you scrub that soap in for twenty seconds

Try to unplug

Use this advice not only to disconnect your devices from a power source when not in use but also to connect with the people and nature you love in real life. You can save a lot of energy by disabling screen savers, setting the sleep mode on your computers and televisions, and turning off game consoles.

Cloth beats paper

One simple hack is to choose clothes over paper towels. It isn’t always do-able, but for cleaning purposes, using a microfiber cloth instead of a paper towel is more efficient and will leave a better result. Plus, less trash!

Make recycling accessible

One of the most important things to do on Earth Day is to improve on some practices you may already be doing. You might have a recycling bin in the kitchen, but what about the bathroom? The bathroom has more plastic containers than most other rooms; increase your chances of recycling by tucking a small bin or bag under the sink.

Stay sharp

Extend the life of your plastic, disposable razors by drying them off with a clean towel and storing them away from wet environments. Not only will this “shave” money in the long run, but it also cuts down on the sink and shower clutter.

Grab a reusable water bottle

Plastic water bottles are fast and easy, but they contribute to a whole lot of waste. Replace those single-use bottles with a nice glass or stainless steel version. It’s healthier (and not to mention- much cuter!)

Eat more, waste less

Reduce food waste in your home by keeping better tabs on the food you have in your fridge. The day before you make a trip to the grocery store, rearrange your refrigerator so that the older food is the most accessible, and place the newer food toward the back. This ensures you are able to eat what you have before it expires, saving unnecessary trash and necessary money. And you’ll then avoid the guilt of regularly throwing away the bagged salad.

Rethink the straws

One measly straw doesn’t seem like it will make a huge difference, but consider the impact straws make when you calculate millions of people over months and years. It’s estimated that Americans alone use 5000 million plastic straws per day! Do our turtle friends a favor and get an alternative. Silicone, bamboo, or stainless steel all make fabulous replacements. 

Simple switches, over time, create big changes. 

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