cleaning carpet-headerSo you just moved into a swanky pad, and dang…that new carpet is looking fine. In order to keep things bright and fresh, we’ve gathered some carpet cleaning tips and tricks to tell you how not to ruin this blossoming relationship.

Getting to Know Each Other

First things first: Lay a solid foundation and buy yourself a good vacuum. They are worth their weight in gold and will be your first line of defense against carpet dulling and dirtying. Many great brands exist, but do your research and buy one that will clear rogue craft glitter and vroom away your kitten’s fur balls.

It’s also smart to invest in a good doormat to prevent grimy home invasions—you don’t want anything to come between you and your pretty new carpet. 

Hosting and Entertaining

We know you want to keep that carpet fresh, but you also enjoy being the hostess with the mostess. Before your guests arrive, soak a cotton ball with your favorite essential oil or grab a dryer sheet and place in the bag or drum of your vacuum. Run it around the house to release the fresh aroma. Now you can skip candles that could be bumped and spilled (wax is not a friend to your carpet), but the place will still smell divine.

Remember the “Sex and the City” episode where Carrie goes to a party and they serve “no brown food,” and only clear drinks? You don’t want to be that finicky host. Let your guests choose their own refreshments, whether it be red velvet cake or red wine. Spills happen; it’s a fact of life. Do what you would in any good relationship: Tackle problems immediately. Work from the outside in to avoid spreading, and gently dab, don’t rub.

Keeping Up Appearances

We don’t want to call it high-maintenance, but let’s just say your carpet needs some regular attention. Run the vacuum over it at least twice weekly for standard upkeep, but take care of high-traffic areas as you would any sensitive issue, with a little daily TLC.

When you hit an inevitable snag, don’t be a nag and pull at it. Clip snags with scissors and smooth over with a gentle hand. If heavy stuff has burdened your carpet and left dents, dampen with a wet rag and blow dry back to full fluff while massaging with your fingers. Change things up by moving furniture occasionally to avoid deep, unsolvable divots. 

Keeping Things Fresh

Carpet and kids have a special relationship: Carpet is where children learn to walk, play with toys, watch movies, and have sleepovers. You want your carpet to be well-loved, but not well-worn out.

To rejuvenate tired carpet, sprinkle a solid coat of baking soda, let it rest overnight, then clean it up the next day with your vacuum. Next, keep things tart: Mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spritz all over. Once it dries, your carpet will look as good as the first time you laid eyes on it. 

One Year Later

We know you’ve given it all the love it deserves by this point; however, it’s a smart idea to call in professional help at least once a year to give you the scoop on how to keep a clean carpet at home. The Maids wields a fast-drying, stain-busting carpet cleaning machine to bring new life to your underfoot pride and joy. With barely any moisture, our dry carpet cleaning technique will have you back rubbing bare toes in the soft layers in little more than an hour. Check our site to see which services are available in your area, as it differs by location. Ah, sweet reunion.

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