House Cleaning Games: How to Get Lucky on St. Patrick’s Day

It seems to be the dynamic of every relationship: One person does most of the cleaning, the other…doesn’t. Sometimes it’s because they don’t do it well (and have been told as much). Sometimes it’s because they don’t want to. Sometimes it’s because they just don’t see what needs to be done (something that baffles us cleaners to no end).

We won’t unpack the therapy of it all, but the truth of the matter is that it takes very little to impress a cleaner. So little, in fact, that you may be surprised at how easy it is to improve the state of your relationship, work life and personal life. There may even be global implications (especially in your favorite cleaner’s world). It varies per couple, but the resounding answer we’ve gotten from cleaners comes down to this:

Empty the dishwasher.

(Seriously. Just typing it. Hot.)

Do it without asking. Do it before someone tells you. Do it without griping or grumbling or making anything other than happy noise. Do it without asking for praise. Do it and then tell your other half how much you appreciate how much he or she does to keep both of your lives running so smoothly. Maybe with a note. Inside the dishwasher. (It’s much better than finding it full of clean dishes).

And then see what happens. (Hint: It’s probably awesome).

And here’s something else. Just like laundry and toilet paper rolls and taking out the trash and vacuuming, emptying the dishwasher needs to be done. Almost every day. Don’t look at it as a chore. Look at it as a cleaning game for adults that lets you show how awesome you are over and over again. Because every time you do them, things have a better chance at being amazing.

To repeat: Sometimes you have to clean to get dirty. (Psst. Start with the dishwasher).

Whether you start on St. Patrick’s Day or right now, getting lucky is within your reach (somewhere between the drying rack and the cupboard). Here’s to a happy and fulfilling relationship full of love and…luck.


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