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The trick to getting kids to do their homework isn’t (always) bribes of chocolate chips or threats of taking away their tablets. Sometimes the trick is creating a spot that helps them organize their papers along with their thoughts. Here are a few ideas, along with some helpful tips, to help maximize the creative learning and minimizing the fuss.

Turn a closet into an open homework nook.

You don’t have to build out a homework station; sometimes your home already has one. This extended mini office sits in what could have been a long, unwieldy closet. By removing the doors and tracks and adding a desk that extends past the opening, it allows plenty of room for additional storage, drawers, and workspace. Further amp up the storage potential of the nook by adding additional shelves high on the wall, low enough to reach, but high enough not to encroach upon the workspace.

Windgate Ranch

Chalk it up to good design.

Homework stations don’t have to be fancy to be functional, and that’s why we love this simple-but-perfect built-in desk. This huge painted chalkboard wall gives a blank canvas for doodles, math problems, to do lists, and notes of encouragement. Left plain, it also allows young students to focus on the work at hand.

White Hall Renovations

Who “woodn’t” want to do homework here?

This modern homework station looks like a coffeeshop, and it feels just like home, perfect for junior high and high school students who just need a place to put a drink and a laptop. The narrow depth of the desk does limit the types of projects that can be done here, but for those kids with minimalist needs, it could be just enough to get the job done. Consider adding power outlets at desk height to make it easier to charge and go.

Vialetto Lot 1

Turn a homework station into a whole room—and whole family—affair.

This kid-friendly basement in Minneapolis turns the homework station on its ear and creates a space that could function as an office, a creative lair, a board game room, and a study den. Like a kitchen that only cooks up delicious ideas, it’s full of hidden storage, tough materials, and plenty of counter and seating space. And bonus, it grows right along with them.

Kid-Friendly Basement


Homework is as fun as you let it be, so let it be as fun as possible by providing a dedicated area for learning, concentration, and renewal.

How do you get your kids to do their homework?

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