Thanksgiving dinner is arguably the most anticipated meal of the year, and for good reason. The holiday’s dishes are savory and traditional; years of memories are held within each bite. Expectations are high. If you’re the one responsible for handling the cooking: no pressure… right?

Speaking of pressure, our guests often come with dietary restrictions that throw a wrench into planning. But the good news is: it doesn’t have to. These ideas are healthy, simple, and sure to fit whatever plan you’re accommodating. 

  • These sweet potato rounds are Thanksgiving in a bite! These are both rich and earthy. An appetizer like this is a fun way to out a playful twist on the traditional.

  • Your low carb loved ones will enjoy these delicious prosciutto-wrapped asparagus spears. They’re low prep, and feature a perfect duo of vegetables and protein.

  • Looking for a lighter spin on a classic side? Look no further than this mashed cauliflower dish. It’s packed with flavor, but not with calories.

  • Give your vegan niece something deliciously savory with this earthy mushroom gravy. Your meat-eating family is sure to love it too!

  • Mix up your sides with this beautifully Brussels sprouts salad. It’s fun, fresh, and adds some color to your plate.

  • Green bean casserole is a mainstay of the Thanksgiving table, but it surely doesn’t need to include that cream of mushroom soup. Check out this healthy, updated, and yummier version here.

  • This butternut squash side is so gourd-geous, it becomes part of the decoration! The dish is vegetable-forward and filling.

What are you looking forward to making (or eating) this Thanksgiving? Drop us a comment below and don’t forget to have The Maids over before to help prepare or after to clean up after your guests are gone.

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