Think you don’t have the time or talent to create handmade gifts your friends and family would be proud to display? These five gifts come together faster than the checkout line at your local department store, and they are not only more personal, they come with near-professional results.

Wood Photo Transfer Art

Morena at Consumer Crafts hit the jackpot with her wood photo transfer project, which is inspiring people to take their images off their phones and into their homes. There are so many ways to use this craft and the process is easily duplicated so that you can make gifts for nearly everyone on your list using the same picture or different ones. Give your gift a hipster upgrade by using one of your Instagram photos and adding the update text to the back (or beneath).


Homemade Beeswax Candles

It turns out there’s very little not to love about beeswax candles. They burn cleanly, smell lovely, and have a beautiful natural color. Whether you make the beeswax candles yourself (a super easy feat thanks to this easy tutorial by A Beautiful Mess), or purchase them from a local vendor, you’re helping support the beekeeping industry by encouraging local and regional beekeepers to keep performing their much-needed role in maintaining and growing our dwindling bee population. Make plenty for friends; keep plenty for yourself.


Homemade Lyric Art

A Beautiful Mess does it again in the handmade gift department. Our spin: Give your kids a bunch of blank canvases to paint on during a weekend or a snow day. Encourage them to use lots of color and smaller strokes (if anything, to slow them down so you can enjoy your coffee hot for once). Allow to dry. proceed with the rest of Elsie and Emma’s instructions, using vinyl adhesive letters to create your favorite quote, message or lyric. Artwork like this is a perfect way to personalize a gift that will leave a lasting impression; this way, if their walls are going to talk, at least they’ll say it with love.


Bacon Jam

For the most part, you can’t go wrong with bacon jam. It’s pretty, it’s easy to make, it’s tasty, and pairs nicely with pretty much everything. And, as if the images on SpoonForkBacon’s website weren’t gift enough, they also have a scrumptious bacon jam recipe AND printable labels for you to use.


Write a Gratitude Letter

The art of a gratitude letter is one few people practice, yet everyone appreciates. Think about the last time someone wrote you a heartfelt note of appreciation not only thanking you for what you did but for who you are as a person. That feeling of being Seen is immeasurable. This gift is not complicated or fancy, but it will take time; if done properly, however, it will not only be rewarding for the recipient, but also for you. To start, think about a particular incident in which the person affected your life positively, why you are thankful for their presence in your life, and how they’ve impacted how you live. Don’t let grammar or spelling distract you from the sentiment; the most important part is getting it down and sending it out.

What was the last handmade present you were so happy to keep? Let us know in the comments!

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