header 3 - Tangled Christmas LightsIt’s the nature of holiday decorations to increase in volume every year. From those personalized ornaments you receive as gifts to that new wreath you put together for your front door, you’re bound to end the season with more than you began. The best way to avoid the frustration of trying to find space to store your decorations after the holidays is to plan ahead. A bit of advance preparation also offers you opportunities to beautify your home with some clever holiday storage hacks. The following holiday storage ideas are designed to help you keep everything organized in high style.

Quick Hacks for Holiday Storage Boxes

Before you rush out and buy new storage boxes, make sure that you’re getting the most from the containers you already own. Try these hacks: Squeeze more room out of big boxes by cinching up garland and swag with old belts, keep small knick knacks safe by organizing them in egg cartons before stacking them in a box and help bows keep their shape by fitting them with cardboard tubes from empty toilet paper rolls.

Hide in Plain Sight

The broad selection of storage boxes, baskets and bins available today makes it easy to store holiday decorations while enhancing the style of your home. Fabric-covered bins or baskets add textural interest to an artfully designed room. Old-fashioned hat boxes, tins and suitcases add charm and an element of whimsy. Whether it’s a stack of circular wooden boxes on a side table or a large trunk in your entry way, each decorative storage box should complement the room’s overall décor.

Living Room Storage Ideas

When space is at a premium, you can stash holiday decorations right in your living room without anyone being the wiser. In addition to accessories that provide extra storage for decorations, living room furnishings are often designed to work double duty as well. Multipurpose furniture for the living room ranges from ottomans and benches with hidden storage to antique trunks and chests used as stylish coffee tables. Traditional furnishings like console cabinets, armoires and chests of drawers work beautifully for storing decorations as well.

Specialized Solutions

If you have room in your closets, garage or basement for them, you’ll also find plenty of clever products on the market designed to store specific holiday decorations. From wreath-shaped plastic bins to ribbon dispensers and gift paper organizers, options are endless. There are storage cases made to accommodate every size, shape and type of holiday decoration. If your budget permits, these product hacks offer a stress-free way to solve your decoration storage challenges.

Storing all your holiday decorations in an organized manner makes it easier to keep your home looking neat and tidy all through the year. In the clutter and chaos of the holiday season, it’s good to know that help from The Maids is readily available as well. For more information about our professional cleaning services, just give us a call at 1-800-THE-MAIDS.

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