Hacks for a Stress-Free Christmas

Christmas. At the best of times, it can get very stressful. There’s so much to do and not enough time to do it. It doesn’t have to be such a struggle though, with some handy tips you can eliminate the high blood pressure from the holiday season and focus on more important things: eating glorious food, spending time with loved ones and exchanging presents. 

Express Doors Direct put together this infographic with 25 hacks for a stress-free Christmas and we thought it had some really useful tips in there. These hacks are just little things, some will be obvious and some you may never have thought of before, but altogether they make the Christmas period that little bit easier. You deserve all the time and relaxation you can get this holiday season, start with these tips!

If you’ve just taken your Christmas decorations out of storage and they’re all covered in dust, there’s an easy way to cleaning them. Get a pair of stockings, put them over the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner and voila! No dust and no mess. 

Spent hours untangling your Christmas lights last year? Wrap them around your box of Christmas decorations! Or any box for that matter. When you’re tearing down all the decorations, it’s easy to just speed things up and leave them in a bundle, but fast forward to a year later and here you are, spending 45 minutes trying to untangle them all. Save yourself the hassle, future you will appreciate it massively!

Clearing up all of the wrapping paper at Christmas is no fun. Especially if you’ve got the whole extended family around and a dumpsters worth of wrapping paper sitting in your lounge. However, kids will do anything for glory and/or prizes. Make cleaning up the wrapping paper a game and let them do it. They’ll have a blast!

Your guests are arriving and you just remembered that you forgot to get your second cousin’s best friend’s pet hamster a card. Whoever it is you’ve forgotten this year, keep some pre-signed Christmas cards ready. If anyone’s unaccounted for, you can quickly run upstairs, add their name and there you go, social faux pas avoided!

Clear your freezer out in advance for all the leftovers and party food. This can be a great way of saving a bit of money in the run-up to Christmas as the average household has $65 of food sitting in their freezer. Save on your weekly shop and eat your way through the freezer, you’ll have more money for Christmas food and drink.

Guests due to arrive early? Still cleaning the house? Have a lint roller ready to quickly attack any furniture and upholstery. It may not be the deepest clean but it’ll do. Multi-purpose cleaning wipes will be your friend too. Keep these handy and make light work of any mess. 

Toilet needs cleaning? Grab a can of Coke, pour it in the bowl, leave it for an hour and then flush. Done! Who has time to scrub their toilet properly over Christmas? Hack it with a can of Coke. 

Make sure you check out the infographic for the full list of hacks, but the ones we’ve gone over are enough to save yourself crucial time and stress this Christmas. Getting your family together under one roof is stressful enough, don’t let house cleaning, decorations and avoidable mistakes add to it.

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