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Holiday decorating can be a blast. At The Maids, we think the annual ritual is even better when ornaments sparkle, wreaths are dust-free and baskets don’t look like a cobweb convention.

Take a few minutes and get holiday gear looking its best. Some of our suggestions:

  • Clean artificial wreaths and flower arrangements fast with a blast of cool air from your blow dryer on the low setting.
  • Gently dust tree ornaments with used fabric-softener sheets. This repels static electricity and dust.
  • Remove melted wax from tablecloths by placing a brown paper sack, free of any writing, over the wax stain. Gently rub a warm iron over the sack.  The heat from the iron will re-melt the wax, and the paper from the sack will help absorb it.
  • Clean holiday baskets using a vacuum on low with the nozzle covered by a nylon knee-high secured with a rubber band.
  • For decorative objects like ceramics, dust carefully using a paintbrush with soft bristles or gently use a vacuum with a brush attachment.
  • To clean a collection of holiday teddy bears and other plush items, use a vacuum with a wand attachment, covered with a nylon knee-high secured with a rubber band. Dust by blotting the object with the vacuum attachment. The nylon will insure small features like button eyes are not lost.
  • If spilled wax spots holiday candle holders, put them in the freezer for at least an hour. The wax should easily come off.

Nothing spoils the seasonal mood like dusty, grubby knickknacks. Holiday decorations should not look like forgotten thrift store finds, so slow down and make them look their best.

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