Organizing on a Budget


How To Get Organized on a Budget

Finding clever and unique ways to organize your home is always at the top of every busy person’s wish list. Who doesn’t love gazing at all the chic and trendy storage ideas that clutter (pardon the pun) Pinterest? But while some of those organizing solutions look awesome (like using clear, plastic tubs to organize the contents in your refrigerator) they can get a little pricey. Instead, we’ve come up with some budget-friendly ideas to keep everything in its place and find a place for everything.

Affordable Storage Solutions

Look at the kitchen aisle for storage.

  • You can buy inexpensive tiered baskets made for kitchen produce at supercenters for about $10 to keep bathroom essentials organized. One tier holds soaps and lotions, the other hand towels. Plus it’s portable. Kitchen drawer organizers, easily picked up at a dollar store, can keep makeup and hair ties tidy.

Hit the office supply aisle for cheap finds.

  • Attach a $10 to $15 file folder organizer to the bottom of a cupboard to keep serving platters, cutting boards and sheet pans neatly organized.

Install a pegboard.

  • From closets to kitchens, pegboards turn any wall into an organization oasis. Hang pots, pans and kitchen utensils from a pegboard. Not only is kitchen gear right at your fingertips, but it makes excellent use of empty wall space. Or, hang one in a closet to tame purses, bags, scarves, backpacks and more. Pegboard can be found at any home improvement store for about $20, depending on size.

Use the back your doors.

  • This underused area is a perfect place to store commonly-used items; they’re out of the way but in reach. Hang over-the-door baskets on the inside of bathroom vanity doors to keep hair dryers where you need them while using up the empty space. These can be picked up at bed and bath stores for about $15. Or use Command hooks to sort towels and robes. A multi-hook over-the-door hanger can also be used in bedrooms to keep scarves and bags organized.

Storage bins are the best.

  • Storage bins are super inexpensive, you can grab them for about $5 at a superstore or dollar store, and come in a variety of sizes. Use them in drawers to sort clothes and in the kitchen to tame Tupperware. They are also lifesavers in closets and pantries.

Use recycled organizers.

  • You don’t need to always go out and buy storage items; you may have what you need already. Boxes, baskets, drawers, even old trunks and suitcases, can be turned into storage items. Take a look at what you have in storage before you spend money on something new.

Check out the local yard sales.

  • If you’re looking to save even more money, see what your neighbors are selling. Storage bins, hangers, boxes, bookshelves and more can be found at yard sales or on Craigslist for super cheap prices. Plus, most sellers are willing to negotiate prices.

Keep in mind, organizing on a budget may not get you Pinterest-perfect, but if you use a little ingenuity and elbow grease you can customize something beautiful that works for your home. Once you get everything organized, give The Maids a call and we’ll come in and clean your home from top-to-bottom so you not only have an organized home but a spotless one as well.

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