For parents everywhere, having a playroom is an extravagance. It’s a spot for kids to imagine and create; and it’s home to all of the brightly colored plastic possessions that would otherwise take over the living room. Although it serves as a designated location for toys and other “kid things”, it’s still important for the playroom to have a calming look and matches your home’s aesthetic.

Here are some ideas for combining fun, functionality, and style in your playroom.

Create zones. Having distinct places for different types of play will encourage your child to use them. The types of zones you have will depend on your children’s ages and interests. 

  • For a little one who loves dress-up, you can reserve a corner and add a “full” size mirror. Using a wire hanging rack or hooks on the wall, display some of their favorite costumes. 
  • Forts and play tents are especially great for inspiring imaginative play. Lots of differently themed play tents are on the market. From greenhouse to school to castle, there’s something for every imagination. The tents’ collapsibility makes them convenient for cleaning and storing. 
  • Interactive art is another creative option for younger children. Some options for this are felt boards and chalkboard walls. 
  • A reading nook is something that works for any age. Add cozy, kid-friendly seating (such as bean bags or miniature arm chairs), some throw blankets, and shelving or a book caddy to create a comfortable retreat.

Depending on your playroom’s size, limit the zones to two or three at a time, tops. You want your children to be engaged in the space, while also keeping the room calming and focused.

Be smart about storage.  The challenge of playrooms is that they’re difficult to keep tidy. When it looks like a herd of elephants passed through, it’s hard to find the motivation to sort through thousands of miscellaneous debris. That’s why the key to selecting playroom furniture is to focus on storage capability. This way, every toy can, theoretically, have a place it belongs. A piece that includes cubbies is ideal to minimize visual clutter. Wall hammocks work to keep stuffed animals off the floor and double as cute décor. Open toy storage organizers, with removable bins, are great for keeping items sorted for various types of play. This neutral option is both simple and versatile.

Leave lots of floor space. Maintaining a clutter-free floor space is important. Design-wise, the space helps to balance the visual noise of the various colors and objects that exist in a playroom. Additionally, having the unoccupied floor space gives your kids the room to expand their game or activity. Help to preserve this region with a large, comfortable area rug.

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