Five Must-Have Cleaning Tools For Pet Owners

Five Must-Have Cleaning Tools For Pet Owners















Pet owners know that all that love comes with a lot of hair. And…other stuff. Turns out, there are lots of great, easy-to-use tools to help deter the fur. How many of these are in your housekeeping toolbox?

  • A heavy-duty vacuum. The hair left behind by dogs and cats is not for the faint of heart. Or motor, for that matter. Invest in a vacuum that can not only handle pet hair, but also everything else, especially if you use your vacuum on bare floors. There are some who believe you should vacuum at the rate of once a week per each family member and large pet. If you’re vacuuming as often as that, you’re going to want a vacuum that’s a dream to handle.
  • Small plastic garden rake. This ingenious tool is a must for people with carpet and pets with long hair. By raking the carpet first, you’ll save wear and tear on the fabulous vacuum cleaner you need.
  • A squeegee with a rubber edge. Awesome for shower doors, even better for collecting fur from upholstery. Simply slide over fabric and, voila! New couch. This tool works particularly well with short-haired animals.
  • Makeshift covers. If your pet has a “bed,” make sure it has a washable cover. If it doesn’t, tie a fitted sheet, knapsack-style, over it to create an impromptu duvet cover. Wash as often as needed. You could use the same basic method to cover the other favorite nooks your pets enjoy.
  • Lint rollers. Lint rollers work great at removing pet hair from clothes and are undoubtedly purchased in bulk by pet owners. To minimize the waste that lint rollers cause, consider keeping your closet or bedroom off-limits to prevent additional “wild hairs.”

The best advice we can give you: Stay ahead of the mess. Consistent upkeep allows you to get the stress relief pets are known for.

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