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For many of us, family and work can take up most of our time during the week, and weekends can be filled with soccer games, errands and other responsibilities. Even if you don’t have kids, there’s still not much free-time left because of housekeeping and other chores. Maybe a little help around the house could be the answer for freeing up more time to enjoy the things we love.

If you find yourself spending those hard-earned weekends cleaning up around the house, maybe a home cleaning service can work for you. There are plenty of residential cleaning services available in even the smallest of towns offering a range of services for a variety of budgets. From choosing the right services for your cleaning needs to deciding if hiring a maid service is a good fit, we’ve put together the information you need to see if a residential cleaning company is the right choice for you and your home. 

What Kinds of Residential Cleaning Services Are Available?

Most cleaning companies and maid services offer a range of options, from a deep-down one-time cleaning to regularly scheduled cleaning services. Depending on how much you enjoy (or hate!) cleaning house, how big your home is and how messy things get, you’ll usually find enough options to find the right one for your circumstances.

At The Maids®, we offer a full line of residential cleaning services designed for nearly every need. We clean homes with well-trained teams for quick, efficient cleaning that focuses on healthy cleaning. From one-room studio apartments to the largest estates, our range of cleaning services has your cleaning needs covered. Keep reading to find out which service is best for you and your home. 

One-Time House Cleaning  

Whether you’re hosting a party, expecting overnight guests or your home is overdue for a good cleaning, a one-time cleaning service is a perfect way to get your home clean quickly and get a taste for what residential cleaners can do. Your home will be healthier and cleaner, you’ll have no ongoing obligation and you may just find that a maid service is something you’ll wish you’d thought of long ago.

Recurring Cleaning Services

Once you’ve seen for yourself how a maid service can get your home spotlessly clean and give you more free time, you may want to sign up for regular service. You’ll be able to count on a clean house every week or two or monthly, so you can make plans ahead of time and your home will always be ready for unexpected guests and special occasions. With recurring cleaning services, you’ll be ready for whatever life throws at you with a sparkling clean home because a home cleaning service can work for you week after week.

Seasonal Cleaning

If you dread spring cleaning – or cleaning any other time of year – why not let us help you out. You don’t have to get your home back in shape or tackle your seasonal cleaning on your own when you have a residential cleaning service like The Maids standing by to handle the dirty work. 

Same-Day House Cleaning Service

Sometimes you just have to have your home clean right away. Whether it’s a post-party cleanup, unexpected guests on their way or a variety of other reasons, you’ll find yourself in a pinch with a dirty, untidy home. Many of The Maids offices have the staff size, equipment and proven game plan to handle all your last-minute house cleaning quickly and thoroughly. Let us get your place shiny and clean so that you can handle your other responsibilities. 

Special Cleaning Services

A home cleaning service can work for you even if you don’t need your whole house cleaned and just have some special projects you need taken care of. Sometimes you need your home cleaned top to bottom and sometimes you need a specific area cleaned. Either way, we’ve got you covered. Many The Maids offices offer special cleaning services from a quick cleanup to big projects like carpet or window cleaning. If you have a “special” project, we have the solution. 

Moving Cleaning Service

Moving is stressful and anything you can do to delegate some of that to-do list will make things that much easier. Whether it’s your old place, your new one or both, we can give your home a fresh and healthy clean with our moving cleaning service so that you can focus on the move. You keep packing and planning while we take care of the housekeeping.

Are You a Good Candidate for Maid Services?

A maid service can be perfect for busy people. No matter what your situation, a home cleaning service can work for you and provide a range of benefits.

Having more free time and not spending your extra time dusting, scrubbing and mopping can help reduce stressors in the family. Maybe your spouse is an organizational freak and likes everything in its place and gets upset because of your less-than-tidy ways. Or maybe your parents, siblings or in-laws make critiquing your cleaning habits a part of every visit. Whatever your housekeeping routine, or lack of one, does to create stress, a maid service could offer the relief you’ve been looking for. 

Maybe you or someone in your family suffers from asthma or allergies. If you find it difficult to keep up with controlling all that dirt, dust and air pollutants because of your busy schedule, a residential cleaning service that cleans for health like The Maids may be the answer. Using a 22-step cleaning process designed to create a healthier environment, we not only get your home fresh and clean, but we also make it a healthier place to live. 

Or maybe you just hate cleaning house! Whether you’re too tired after all your other responsibilities, don’t have the knowledge and tools you need or you simply don’t like housekeeping, nobody said you have to do it all yourself. A residential cleaning service can handle the dirty work as often as you need them to and you can enjoy spending more time with the kids, having a fun weekend or whatever else you’d rather be doing. 

Whether you’re a socially active single, a busy parent, a student or an elderly homeowner, there are a variety of ways you could benefit from a maid service. 

How to Decide if a Home Cleaning Service Can Work For You

For most people, deciding to hire a home cleaning service comes down to finances or not feeling like you’re neglecting your housekeeping duties. Is a maid service worth the money? Think of it this way—is it worth your time, either financially or personally, to devote the time needed to keep your home healthy and clean to your standards week after week if you have other options? 

If you make decisions about how to spend your income based on your average hourly rate vs. the cost of paying for an hour of anything you could do yourself, then the math is pretty simple. BUT. You should also consider the value of an hour of your time in other terms. Could you spend that hour creating stronger family relationships, helping out a neighbor in need or working to improve your health? 

As far as neglecting your housekeeping duties as a homeowner or parent, again, nobody said you have to do everything yourself! Your kids, spouse and friends would probably appreciate any extra time you could spend with them and it’s doubtful anyone would fault you for having a maid service to free up more time to enjoy life. 

Once you’ve taken a look at the financial and personal aspects, consider where you stand on the “how clean does my home have to be” scale. Do you insist on a white-glove cleaning every week or can you handle a little dust and dirt now and then? Are there some cleaning chores you don’t mind doing but abhor the idea of certain chores? Remember, chances are good you’ll find a range of services from the most comprehensive to general cleaning. Make sure your maid service will meet your standards before you bring them on. 

A home cleaning service can work for you in a variety of ways. Depending on your priorities, your budget and other factors, hiring a maid service could be one of the best moves you could make!

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