As you’re going about your weekend routine, take a minute to look at your makeup drawer. When exactly was the last time you changed out those tubes of rouge and packages of azure? While makeup might not have obvious markers of age, trust us, it doesn’t live forever. And your skin will be front and center for the damage inflicted from old stuff. As the molecules in makeup break down, they start interacting with your skin differently, which can lead to inflammation, bumps, rashes and even blisters if you have a sensitive complexion. So avoid this! Here’s a helpful guide for knowing when makeup expires.

When Does Lipstick Expire?

Perhaps you want the Kylie Jenner bee-stung look for your lips. Thick red or pink lips is the point, right? Well, using expired lipstick isn’t the way of going about it. Over a period of months, the chemicals in lipstick change, which can result in swelling—and not the good kind. Luckily, you have some time before that happens. Lipstick expires after about a year and half.

When Does Mascara Expire?

Mascara has one of the shortest lifespans of makeup due to the buildup of bacteria. Your eyelashes are susceptible to collecting germs and microscopic mites, and every time your brush interacts with your lashes and goes back into the bottle, you’re letting more bacteria into the pool of liquid. FYI, this is the reason sharing mascara with friends is highly discouraged. Just make sure you use your own products and toss out the tube if it’s older than three months.

When Does Foundation and Concealer Expire?

One of the easiest ways to see if your concealer or foundation has expired is to look for separation. Does it look like there are lines of different colors inside the bottle? Or does it look like the color has lightened as a whole? If so, it’s time to throw it away. Here’s the reason: If it has UV protection, that strength will lessen over time leaving your skin exposed. Most foundations and concealers expire after six months to a year.

When Does Eyeliner and Eye Shadow Expire?

Some of the longest-lasting products in your makeup coterie are eye shadows. After a while, they can begin to clump and dry out, which makes it harder to apply to your eyes. As a whole however, they have a long shelf life. They can last anywhere up to two years.

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