Everyday Essentials For Organizing Your Kid's Clutter

From Chaos to Organized

October is the time of year when things go “bump in the night.” And while there is an element of fun to be spooked, there are few things as truly frightening as a child’s cluttered room. Picture it, mounds of clothes cascade out of the closet, the pure horror of clean mixing with dirty. Books and games leer from the corners, haphazardly thrown in piles. And under the bed? The stuff of nightmares. Take heart, these everyday essentials can take your kid’s room from chaos to organized lickety-split. 

Pro Tip: Before starting any organizing project, it’s essential to weed-out those toys, games and articles of clothing that your child doesn’t use, need or wear anymore. Don’t waste time organizing these things. Instead, donate the gently-used items to a local thrift or secondhand store.  

Go Up With Shelving 

No matter how neatly you arrange toys on the floor, essentially there is a still a pile on the floor. Instead, go up by installing shelving, bookcases or cube organizers. Each shelf can be organized by item or use. For example, use a shelf just for figurines, dolls, pretend play pieces and puzzles. It keeps small items off the floor and puts them in easy reach for your child. 

Baskets Can Hold EVERYTHING 

It may seem like a no-brainer, but baskets are really an organizer’s best friend. And it is more than knowing baskets are great tools, but knowing how to use them. Wire baskets work great to store books. Wicker or cloth baskets work best for delicate toys like electronics and video game controllers. Add a larger, open basket to the corner and make it a home for backpacks, lunch boxes and gym bags. Tiny toys for tiny hands are easily contained in a bin or basket and then stored in the top of the closet. Turn that scary space under the bed into storage with low-profile plastic bins. 

You Can Never Have Enough Hangers 

It’s a general rule that you always have more clothes than hangers. We tend to add more clothes to our closets than we get rid of; professional organizers suggest to get rid of one old item for every new added. On top of all the extra stuff, hangers break, get moved from closet-to-closet or your kids simply outgrow the smaller sizes. Do yourself a favor and grab one or two additional bundles of hangers before you get started. Or, go one step further and buy different colors to designate different seasons or clothing types: dresses, pants and tops. 

By keeping these three types of storage essentials on hand, you’ll always be able to keep everything in its place. And you’ll make it easy for your kids to keep things neat and tidy. 

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