You can’t beat the convenience of plastic food storage containers, except when you go to dig them out of the drawer or cabinet only to find that you have twice as many containers as lids, or vice versa, and none of what you have fits each other.

It might not be as easy to find a stellar plastic container organizer in today’s market as you’d think, but great ideas from savvy humans abound. We’ve collected the best tips and tricks so you can organize your kitchen and pantry with little effort and a long, lovely sigh of relief.

 Bin There, Done That

Create sanity in minutes with a few bins from the dollar store, or your favorite kitchen supply retailer. Sort lids by size or type (or color or shape), then put the bins on one shelf and the containers on another. Bins are a great idea for several reasons; not only do they save space, but they are just as easy to pull from as they are to add to, creating a system that’s as easy to maintain on the first day as it is on the 1001st day.

All in the Family

When you’re starting from scratch, look for storage bins that come in many shapes and sizes and purchase matching multiples. This makes stacking a breeze, which creates more room in the cupboard or drawer, and on the refrigerator shelf. It’s extra handy if two container sizes can use the same size lids, too. If you already have a mismatched collection, then store your bins according to use. For example, keep those big bulk food bins together, even though it’s tempting to fill them up with your smaller containers. This will mean less digging around for the perfect size.

File This One Under “Awesome”

With just a few expandable drawer organizers (or cardboard, in a pinch), you can turn the nightmare of lid sorting into a dream come true every time you open the drawer. This works even better if you can store the containers and the lids in the same drawer side by side, making it easy to pair them up as you need them.

Think Before You Buy 

As you build or add to your existing container collection, think in terms of what your family stores the most. For example, if you prepare lunch bowls every week, choose a bunch of deep, stackable bins that you know will get used on a daily basis and buy several. And if you use a label maker to designate which bins will be used for what, you’re in good company.

Rack It Up

Turns out, slatted drying racks make great lid sorters, too! We especially love how this idea lets us store lids while also allowing enough space for them to dry (because plastic lids take forever to do so, especially if you wash them in the dishwasher). This kid-friendly storage idea can fit in a cupboard, in a drawer, or on a shelf in the pantry.

Hide Behind Door #1

There is a ton of wasted storage potential behind cabinet doors, and this idea makes that space work in an ingenious way. Whether you buy a hanging wall organizer or make one from scratch, the thin pockets are a great way to sort and corral the plastic lids that always seem to escape.

All Together Now

If you want to avoid the hunt for lost lids altogether, store plastic storage containers with lids as complete units. This one-handed approach to leftovers guarantees you’ll never lose one (without losing them both), and you’ll always have what you need every time you reach into the cupboard.

Whether you’ve made a resolution to prepare homemade frozen meals every week or you need an easy system for storing and eating up leftovers without waste, plastic storage containers will make your life easier. Try our top tips and share your own. Ready, set, store!

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