The Maids keep your bookshelves dust-word free

Say you are standing next to your tall bookshelf, the one that goes all the way to the floor, and you drop something, then bend over to pick it up.

The dust accumulated on the bottom shelf is both noticeable and troubling, so you grab a cloth and wipe it off. Then you move up, slowly dusting each shelf on your way.  At the top you realize you’ve gotten dust all over the bottom shelves again and have to start over.

Yeah, we hate that, too.

That’s why at The Maids, we have a system. Left-to-right, top-to-bottom. We approach bookshelves, counters, door tops, picture frames, fireplace mantles, baseboards – you name it – with this mantra in mind.

In each room, we clean clockwise. A clear system gives our teams standards to meet and our customers thorough, consistent cleans every time a team from The Maids makes a visit. Each team leader conducts spot checks, swiping a finger over surfaces seen and unseen, to ensure they are clean and cleaned properly.

We have nothing against circles; we just don’t want to get lost in them.


Photo cred: LifeSupercharger on Flikr

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