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Get Your Home Healthy & Clean This Fall  

It always feels like summer will last forever, especially when you’re off having fun, but then – poof – it’s over, and before you know it kids are back in school and the holidays are fast approaching. This leaves little time for the deep, fall cleaning your home probably really needs before everyone is shut in for the winter along with its various germs and viruses. 

What’s Lurking In Your Home Right Now 

For most of us, summer means we’re MIA from our homes thus leaving dirt, grime and dust to build and multiply unchecked. Examples of the summertime invaders, who are now living comfortably in every corner of your home, includes: 

  • Mold and microorganisms lurking on fridge trays, shelves and drawers. 
  • Bed sheets, comforters and blankets full of dust mites and pillows seeped in head sweat. 
  • Hidden mold in basements, bathrooms and backs of closets.
  • Microbes and bacteria lurking in your vacuum’s filter. 
  • Mold, bacteria and dust mites lurking in your bath mat. 
  • Cleaning products packed with chemicals and the films they leave behind. 

These areas with built-up dirt need to tackled head-on before winter comes. 


The Ultimate Seasonal Clean Checklist 

Now that you’re entirely grossed out, let’s talk about the chores that will get your home back to being clean and healthy. A deep clean fall checklist includes to: 

  • Wash all comforters, mattress covers, pillows, bed skirts, blankets, etc. in the hottest water possible per the manufacturer’s laundering guidelines. For whites, add a little bleach to the wash or vinegar works with colors. 
  • Thoroughly vacuum and spot clean your furniture.  
  • Clean your carpets. If your carpet is really stained and stinky, you may want to hire a professional. We may know someone. 
  • Clean your refrigerator inside and out. Wipe everything down with either a bleach/water or vinegar/water solution. Remove the grill and vacuum the coils as well. And, if you can’t remember the last time you pulled it out and cleaned behind it, you’re probably due. 
  • Wash windows inside and out.  
  • Vacuum blinds and curtains. Some vacuums come with a hose extension that allows you to release suction so you don’t inadvertently rip your curtains off the wall. 
  • Clean all ceiling mounted light fixtures, including your ceiling fans, both the blades and lights. 
  • Wipe down your walls. You’d be surprised how much dust can build up on a wall behind a big piece of furniture like a couch or bed.  
  • Wipe down all kitchen surfaces, including counters, cupboards and handles. 


Don’t Have Time To Deep Clean? Call The Maids 

Does this list seem a little overwhelming? There’s little doubt that these chores need to be done, but many of us just don’t have the time to do them. That’s where The Maids comes in. Our Fall and Spring Cleaning Service is more than just a regular house cleaning.  

We’ll delve into the nooks and crannies of your home, clearing out dust from places you had forgotten. We’ll also clean your carpets and furniture with our HEPA-equipped backpack vacuums, which can capture up to 99 percent of pollen and allergens from your home.  


When you are recovering from a busy summer, a professional fall cleaning ensures you make the most of your health and your home for the season ahead. Contact us today for a free estimate. 

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