Donate, Toss, or Keep: How to Deal with Toy Clutter Before the Holidays

One day, you’re an expectant parent who swears you won’t allow kid things in the living room, and a few years later, you’re swimming in colorful, plastic stuff. The impending holiday season makes your home feel extra cluttered as you anticipate the arrival of new toys and gadgets.

The best organizers understand everything you own needs a home. Make room for the new gifts and better sort the existing toys with these helpful tips.

Tips for Sorting Toys:

  1. Do a toy assessment. Preferably without kids around (and with some time on your hands), take a look at all of their toys. Check those items are disinfected and clean and have all of their pieces and are functioning properly. You know your kids and their interests: set aside toys that are no longer played with for possible donation, and toss those that are damaged.

  2. Consider setting up a toy rotation. Parents are often frustrated as kids become bored with their gifts come January. An efficient toy rotation or “toy library” helps keep kids interested in what they have. Use clear, plastic bins to sort things by category, and then rotate them once a week.

  3. Make donation part of the holiday tradition. Depending on your child’s age and understanding, they may enjoy being involved in a charitable project. There are lots of fun ways to pose this positively: think about calling it a “toy recycling bin” or suggesting that Santa’s elves need the materials to create new toys.

  4. Think about selling more valuable items. Sometimes setting things aside to sell is impractical, and they end up living in the trunk of the car. However, for large and more valuable belongings- such as baby carriers, swings, and bassinets- it’s definitely worth the extra work to get that resale value. There are lots of forums on social media that allow for a contact-less exchange and a porch pickup of the sale.

Taking the time to organize can be tedious, but it’s always worth it. You’ll thank yourself when you’re able to enjoy watching your kids play without the eyesore of a huge mess. For organizational and all other cleaning help, The Maids are here to help.

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