header4Your home-sweet-home is yours to shape into a place that reflects your personality, but making your domicile livable isn’t all about decorating and design. Home improvement projects that add functionality to your abode, or that resolve pesky problems, are just as valuable. While some upgrades are best left in the hands of professionals, there’s a variety of simple home improvement projects that you can take on yourself. Here are a few easy DIY home improvement ideas that may inspire you to flex your creative muscles.

Make a Splash in the Kitchen

The wall space between kitchen countertops and upper cabinets is particularly prone to splashes and stains, and frequent scrubbing can cause more harm than good. Adding a tiled backsplash creates an easy-to-clean surface and an attractive focal point for the heart of your home. Thanks to the broad array of backsplash product kits available, they’re easy DIY home projects, too. Mosaic tiles that come with a mesh backing are a snap to install.

Update Cabinets with New Hardware

Easy home improvements that add both style and functionality are always welcome, and swapping out the hardware in your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry definitely fall into that category. You can fix squeaky cabinet doors while making the space look more fashionable with chic accessories. A screwdriver is typically the only tool you’ll need to install new knobs, pulls and hinges. Take samples of the old hardware with you when you shop to ensure a precise fit.

Never Misplace a Tool Again

When it comes to keeping tools and equipment organized, a pegboard wall offers you a simple solution. Attaching the board to the wall is easy. Just use a level to make sure it’s straight and a stud-finder to ensure the pegboard stays put when you nail it. Hook clips to a board to hang your tools, and then outline each implement with a marker so that you’ll never forget where it goes. Pegboards are so useful that you may want to use them in closets for organization, too.

Create a Comfortable Headboard

Sitting up in bed watching television or reading a book is more relaxing when you have a bit of support for your back. An upholstered headboard adds comfort and protects the wall from hair product stains. With a durable piece of fabric, a sheet of plywood, some thick batting and an all-purpose staple gun, you can create a cushioned headboard in less time than you might think. If you wish to secure the headboard to the wall with bolts, pick up a few decorative upholstery tacks to hide the hardware. It’s an easy home improvement idea that looks professionally crafted.

Keep It Clean

Ensuring that your home is properly cleaned can pay off big when it comes to avoiding future repairs and replacements. Whether it’s a vinyl tile floor embedded with dirt or wooden blinds discolored by dust and grime, some household problems are caused by an irregular cleaning schedule. If the demands of everyday life make it hard to keep up with household chores, The Maids cleaning services can help. To explore your cleaning options, call us today at 1-800-THE-MAIDS!

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