Deep Cleaning


Let’s face it, a quick wipe of the counters and vacuuming at light-speed doesn’t always cut it. There are a couple times a year when every home needs a really good deep house cleaning. This means wiping, vacuuming and scrubbing every nook and cranny; you know those places you overlook during a regular cleaning, like the tops of cupboards, shower doors and inside appliances.

When Does My Home Need A Deep Cleaning?

A good rule of thumb is to schedule a deep house cleaning at least a couple of times a year. Spring, and also fall, cleaning is a real thing. Think about it, you’ve lived and breathed the same dust, dander and skin flakes for the last six months! A deep house cleaning gets in there and removes all the dirt, grime and germs that have accumulated below the surface. Many customers find this type of cleaning really beneficial before a big event, like hosting family and moving in, or out, of a home.

Why Is A Deep Cleaning Necessary?

The biggest reason to schedule a deep house cleaning is to disinfect your home. A deep house cleaning will not only improve your air quality, which helps prevent respiratory diseases like asthma but prevents mold infestations. Warm, damp and humid areas, like bathrooms, are the nirvana of living spaces for mold. And, once you get mold, it’s very expensive to get rid of. Deep cleaning not only prevents it but helps to detect it early, before it can spread and damage the entire home.

What’s Does A Deep Cleaning Cover?

We take deep cleaning seriously. We offer one-time house cleaning that goes above, beyond and below a reoccurring cleaning. The Maids utilizes a custom 22-Step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System that leaves no corner or space forgotten in the kitchen, bathrooms, living room, bedrooms and more. Our patented Back Pack Vacs with HEPA filtration can get rid of up to 99 percent of allergens, dust, hair, bacteria, pollen, pet dander and other pollutants from under your beds, on top of window frames, carpets, furniture and everywhere in between.

It is so much easier to keep a clean home, clean. Let us give you that head start so you can spend your free time doing more of what you want! Call us today to schedule service that is convenient for you. You’ll enjoy the healthiest, most thorough housecleaning every visit.



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