De-Stress the Laundress- 10 Tips on how to make laundry less of a pain in the basket
Laundry. Whether you love it or hate it, chances are there are times you wish you could go to bed and wake up with it all washed, dried, folded, and put away. (You mean I should have wished for something else on my last birthday?). While I can’t bring enchantment to this dreaded chore, I can provide you with some helpful tips to make it a little less daunting.

  1. Assign one large mesh bag per family member and have them throw their dirty socks into it after they are worn. Come laundry day, all you need to do is zip it and throw it in the wash. No more missing socks!
  2. The next time you need to replenish towels or sheets, consider going white. It’s easier to get back to gleaming (either with sun and lemon or with bleach), easier to match, and easier to decorate with.
  3. If armpit stains are the pits in your house, don’t sweat it! Mix one part dishwashing liquid with two parts hydrogen peroxide, scrub into the stain and let sit for about an hour. Wash as usual, and then raise your arms with a confident flare.
  4. If you tend to put butter on everything, including your favorite clothes (not on purpose—why would I waste it?), remove the stubborn grease spots by rubbing them with white chalk. This method also works well with bacon, but we can talk more about my favorite foods in another post.
  5. Make a standing rule that any money found in pockets goes toward a Sanity Fund for the person doing the laundry. Or place a container in the laundry room for pocket contents and whoever sorts and empties the bin also gets the loot inside.
  6. When you put clothes away into drawers, don’t stack. Instead tip your shirts on their sides and load from front to back. This keeps all items tidy, easily visible, and allows you to use the space more efficiently.
  7. Give your dryer (and your electric bill) a break by installing a drying rack or drying bar in your laundry room. Keep hangers ready to air-dry jeans, shirts, and other items that might not be heat or tumble friendly.
  8. Assign a laundry basket for each person in the house, and sort the clothes as you fold them. Even small children would be up for the task of putting their clothes away, especially when there is little risk of mixing things up.
  9. Stop folding underwear. Seriously.
  10. Whether on the premise of going green, being less-than-productive (lazy is such a harsh word), or simply out of necessity, wear your clothes multiple times before washing them. Obviously, socks and underwear don’t fall into this camp, but most pants and shirts, unless stained, would benefit from not being subjected to multiple washing and drying cycles. Get more wear out of your clothing and you’ll have less laundry. Everyone wins!

What did I miss? Have an exciting tip of your own?

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