With COVID-19 sweeping the globe, it’s likely your child’s school is on an extended break. It’s advised to practice social distancing during this time and to stay home as much as possible. This abundance of caution is absolutely necessary, but it leaves parents with another challenge to face: entertaining kids inside. 

If you’re in a climate that allows for it, playing outside is a great option. But for those families who are still in the drudges of winter, here are some indoor activities designed to keep young minds and bodies engaged. 


  • Obstacle Course: Using soft and safe materials like couch pillows, stuffed animals, and streamers, create an obstacle course for your little one. They’ll love getting some exercise and you’ll love watching the chaotic cuteness. 
  • “Car Wash”: Gather a large bin or bucket and fill it with warm, soapy water. Line up hard plastic toys (like cars, fire trucks, dinosaurs, animals) for your toddler to wash. They’ll think it’s a game, but the activity works double time in keeping toys- and hands- nice and clean. 
  • Hide and Seek: This game is especially fun to play with very young children, as they have an interesting idea of what constitutes as hiding. Take turns being “it”, and get creative with hiding places.  
  • Tea Party: Invite all of your kids’ stuffed animal friends and set up a table for a perfect little celebration. 
  • Off-roading: Use masking/painters tape to create roads or tracks on your floor. Your kids will enjoy letting their cars, trucks, and trains venture into new territory.

Young Children: 

  • Make greeting cardsIt’s likely that social distancing is keeping you from seeing friends and family. Help your kids keep in touch by making greeting cards. Get out all of the fun art supplies- stickers, stamps, and paint- and help them compose a sweet message to a loved one. 
  • Performances: Task your kids with putting on an entertaining show for the family. Whether it’s a musical or fashion show, their little minds will love getting creative. 
  • Family Workout: Stream a dance, yoga, or other type of workout on a personal device or TV. After being inside for an extended period of time, it’s important to keep those bodies moving. 
  • Build Forts: Get imaginative with materials and build some cozy forts. Once they’re inside, put on an audiobook and cook up some popcorn. 
  • “Camping”: So the living room isn’t exactly a campsite in a wilderness, but kids love anything out of the norm. Get out the tent and sleeping bags, turn on the fireplace, and let their imaginations run wild. 

Middle School  

  • Board games: Choose a classic you haven’t played as a family in a while (or ever). Consider making it a tournament to heighten the fun over several days. 
  • Hide and Seek: For older kids, play the game in the evening; turn off the lights and use flashlights for added excitement.
  • Puzzles: Get the complex ones down from the storage shelves, pour some hot chocolate, and get to work. Puzzles are perfect for mixing an activity with conversation. 
  • Spa Day: Most moms are guilty of holding onto a good amount of excess bath and body products. Now’s the time to put them to good use. Reserve an afternoon for manicures, pedicures, exfoliating scrubs, and face masks.
  • “Fancy” Dinner: Not being able to go out to dinner doesn’t mean you can’t recreate a fun restaurant experience at home. Set the table with the nice china, eat by candlelight, and break into your stockpile of macaroni and cheese.  

How are you keeping your littles entertained? Share your ideas in the comments! 

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