Those itsy bitsy spiders have crawled all over your home this winter. And, due to a lack of indoor rain, nothing can wash the cobwebs out but you. Those sticky messes are the masterpieces of the interior-decorating arachnids of the Theridiidae family. Once the webs provide fruitless as far as prey is concerned, the dusty garlands are left to become our problem. 

Some of these sticky streamer messes are easily spotted (such as the ones at eye level or those which are hanging from the ceilings), but others are more difficult to locate. Unless you want to get a very early start on decorating for Halloween, make sure to check the following locations for lurking cobwebs. 

Under furniture.

Reaching the vacuum underneath the couch won’t cut it this time. It’s recommended that you actually turn over and vacuum the underside of each piece of furniture.

Around doorframes

Spiders love these creaky nooks, so spend a little extra time cleaning the crevices.

Hidden under clutter.

As if we needed another reason to feel guilty about messy spaces; stagnant clutter is lavish high-rise building for spiders. Hit these eight-legged loiterers with an eviction notice, and get rid of this potential web warehouse.

Ceiling fans and air conditioning vents.

Spots like these are infrequently attended to, making them ideal arachnid abodes.

Windowsills and blinds.

Insects love the light. And since spiders love eating insects, you’ll often find some sticky traps around windows.

Sconces and seldom-touched light fixtures.

You don’t want to wait until a stream of light illuminates a spooky strand; dust and wipe each fixture, especially the ones you don’t use every day.

Floor corners.

This one applies particularly to those corners that share close proximity with furniture. Because they’re rarely attended to, it’s likely that webs have accumulated in these areas. 

Once the webs have been swept, vacuumed, dusted, or wiped away, make it a priority to visit these web-friendly spaces more often. Routinely cleaning your home’s nooks and crannies will discourage the harmless (but creepy) visitors from setting up shop in your space.  

If taking on this project gives you thheebie jeebies, leave it to The MaidsWe’ll clean up those sticky situations and banish the spiders to the outdoor spouts where they belong. 

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