4_sports equipment on grass, football, rugby, baseball, cricket, basketballKids are messy. That’s something all parents learn at one point or another. Wherever your child is, at some point the order you’ve surrounded them with will become chaos. That’s especially true, and even amplified, for kids in sports. Just about every athletic pursuit Pete and Repeat participate in will leave some sort of mark on clothing, ranging from sweat stains to a permanent layer of dirt, grime, and grass, on shoes, shirts, and equipment.

Fear not! There are ways to lift dirt and debris and restore cleanliness to your children’s athletic gear. Read on for some of our favorite tips.

Get Out the Odors

We’re all about minimizing chemical contact, so instead of immediately reaching for a cleaning spray, try good old household white vinegar. Pour the vinegar into a spray bottle—you can do this unfiltered, or you can dilute it with water—and spray the liquid onto a rag. Wipe down your kids’ sports gear with the solution.

Not only does vinegar zap smells and kill bacteria, it’s also pretty handy at removing stains. Let the mixture sit on rough patches of mud, dirt, or the occasional bit of food, and you’ll be wiping them away in no time.

Nix the Grass Stains

Mix one part rubbing alcohol with two parts water and rub the solution onto grass stains. Spray or dab the solution onto the grass stain, leaving it on for up to five minutes (for tougher stains) before rinsing it off and/or putting the garment into the washing machine.

Embrace the Baking Soda

We’ve already talked about the many wonders of baking soda in another post, but no sports equipment cleaning list is complete without mention of this noble household good. Rub baking soda onto sweat stains and then toss the garment in the washing machine. Your child’s uniforms will look and smell fantastic!

You can also add half a cup of baking soda to your washing machine in addition to, or instead of, your regular detergent to give clothes that extra one-two cleaning punch.

Make Use of Sunshine

We can hear you now: “Sunlight? Really?” Yes, sunshine and fresh air are the dynamic duo when it comes to getting rid of odors. If you’ve got some time to spare before your child’s next game, let their clothing and equipment dry outside.

But wait, why are you cleaning your kids’ athletic gear all by yourself? If they’re old enough to play sports, they’re old enough to help you out a little bit. You can trick them if you must, but we recommend just asking them for a hand next time you clean their gear.

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