Four-legged family members don’t have to rule the home

Using a latex or rubber glove will guarantee removal of pet hair off of the upholstery.

As summer ends, pets will spend more time indoors which means more of everything – hair, dander, dumped water bowls and the occasional “accident.” Even the best-behaved dog or cat will create some extra work which is why we put together a list of tricks to minimize the mess.

·       Place mats under animal food dishes and water bowls to keep food spills and water drips easier to clean.

·       Damp wipe painted walls to help remove sticky cat dander.

·       Use washable slipcovers over the furniture pets prefer.  Make sure to wash in hot water to kill allergens and other bacteria.

·       If you allow pets on beds, bedding must be washed at the same high temperature at least every two weeks.  Always wash sheets and slipcovers separately to keep hair from migrating to other fabrics.

·       When removing pet hair from draperies, carpets and upholstery, don’t automatically reach for the vacuum. Use a rubber latex glove, wet or dry, to do the job because hair will cling to it.

·       For a dog or cat that sheds like crazy, check out vacuum attachments with rubber strips that have the same effect as the glove. Use them for vacuuming around the house, not vacuuming your pet.

·       To clean urine stains, blot thoroughly to remove as much moisture as possible then rinse the affected area with a mild solution of dishwashing liquid and water; dry thoroughly. Next, sprinkle baking soda over the area; let sit to absorb any remaining moisture, then vacuum.

·       Vomit is a combination stain that requires a two-step approach: First scrape as much of the solid bits with the back of a knife into a plastic dustpan. Then blot and treat the remaining stain with an enzymatic product to remove the odor.

·      Deodorize pet bedding with baking soda. Sprinkle heavily, wait 15 minutes then vacuum.

We love pets as much as you do. At The Maids, we want your home looking like humans are in charge – even if they’re not!

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