One of the best and hardest parts about healing at home is being surrounded by all of your people and all of your things—unless you feel the need to pick-up after all of your people and clean all of your things. This is one of the reasons The Maids is honored to participate in Cleaning for a Reason, an organization that provides free cleaning services for women undergoing cancer treatment.

“When you’re at home, it is easy to want to jump right back into all the activities you used to do when you felt better,” says Jenn McRobbie, breast cancer survivor and author of Why Is She Acting So Weird?: A Guide To Cultivating Closeness When A Friend Is In Crisis. “Wearing yourself down won’t help anyone.”

While it’s hard to make a healing a full-time job, it’s an important part of your treatment and full recovery. During this time, there are several things you can do give your body the rest and ease it needs while still feeling empowered and as “normal” as possible.

Schedule an appointment with your medications.

When you’re undergoing cancer treatment, keeping track of your medications can be difficult, especially with “chemo brain.” Write out all your meds on a calendar or create them as repeating tasks on your digital schedule. Physically check them off as you take them, so you can be confident of what meds you took at what time.

Find ways to laugh.

It turns out that while laughter may not be the “best” medicine by medical standards, it’s still pretty darn potent, especially when it comes to stress relief. Even the Mayo Clinic says so. Gather up your funny friends, your favorite romantic comedies, and your most smile-worthy reads, and get ready to stimulate almost every organ, release those much-needed endorphins, increase circulation, and relax those muscles with every heartfelt guffaw.

Make a mobile “command center.”

On the days when you have to keep off your feet, have your helpers put the things you need at arm’s length. “Having things like water, books, a charging cable, and the remote nearby keeps life within reach,” said McRobbie. “It also helps guard against the feeling that you’re asking for help all the time.

Ask for help.

That being said, get support when you know you need it. “The most important part of healing is often the hardest, and, for me, that was asking for help,” adds McRobbie. “Go slow. Test in small amounts. Ask for help. You’re already doing the Herculean task of healing, don’t undo your progress by pushing too hard.” Chances are, you have a crowd of supporters willing to pitch in; they just need to be told what to do. So, tell them what you need.

Know of a woman undergoing cancer treatment who can use the services of Cleaning for a Reason? Fill out this form to get the process started. 

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