Love may make the world go around, but there is no one-way to keep it clean. We’ve scoured the planet for the best cleaning tips from around the globe.

No shoes, no dirt, no problem.
In many parts of the world, shoes are taken off at a home’s entrance to avoid tracking in dirt, pesticides, street residue, and other outside grime. Homeowners who have a no-shoes policy experience cleaner floors, longer lasting carpets, and quieter footsteps. Asking guests to remove their shoes can sometimes be a matter of preference; some hosts provide disposable slippers or gift socks for guests who might be caught off-guard and are unprepared for a shoeless entry. Others make exceptions for guests (if only once).

Try this at home: If having a pile of shoes at your home’s entrance robs you of your “clean” feeling, try repurposing a dresser to serve as the official shoe cabinet. Line the drawers with newspaper or removable trays for easy cleaning.

Solar-Powered Clean.
The sun is a powerful ally in keeping a clean, fresh, and bright home. In international cities where a dryer takes up too much real estate, people rely on the sun to dry clothes, brighten whites, freshen mattresses, and fight mildew.

Try this at home: Consider a collapsible clothesline that folds flat against your home when not in use. Clotheslines pay for themselves very quickly in terms of energy savings.

Storage of Historic Proportions
Some of the most beautiful cities in the world offer homes that are hundreds of years old, which can mean 20 foot ceilings, marble archways, stone hearths—and zero closet space. This means items normally pushed behind closed doors are on full display, requiring homeowners to either pare down or find creative ways to display the things they own.

Try this at home: If you are faced with less than enviable storage options in your home, channel your inner Danish designer and go for minimalist. By choosing items with form and function, you’ll make better use of space and have fewer things to sort and clean.

What worldly cleaning tips have you learned from the places you’ve visited?

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