Ready to defend your home turf against dirt, grime and allergens this season? Add The Maids professional cleaning service team to your roster. Stacked with talent and always ready to play, The Maids will tackle your housecleaning checklist and have you doing a touchdown dance in no time.

Pre-Game Warm-up

When you’ve decided to hire a maid and want more information on how to hire a cleaning service, The Maids makes it easy. From our free cleaning quotes to our 30 years of exceptional service, we have the expertise to find you pricing and cleaning based on your specific needs and budget. Everyone asks as how much a maid costs, and they soon learn it’s far cheaper than what our Maids team is worth.


Every home and homeowner is different, and so are the types of cleaning we provide. You’ll tell us what rooms you’d like cleaned and how often you want a cleaning service to visit. We’ll create a no-obligation cleaning quote to kick you off. Want a peek at our playbook? Check out our 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System.

Natural Talent

The Maids combines environmentally healthy cleaning products and tools with rigorous cleaning standards, resulting in a level of clean that makes 96% of our customers happy to recommend our services to friends and neighbors. We don’t take our status as top draft pick for granted; we continue to prove ourselves to new and existing customers with services that go above and beyond the playbook.

From first down…

Our first visit will be like a conditioning drill; we’ll get your home into shape so that subsequent visits are just as thorough, but more efficient. We’ll take longer during this initial clean, but every minute we spend will be worth it. Say goodbye to soap scum, kitchen grease, dusty baseboards, germ factories and allergen hoarders. And say hello to an undefeated season.

To touchdown…

Whether you need a maid service on a weekly, monthly or as-needed basis, our standards are always the same. You take a clean break; we’ll make a clean sweep. Our goal is to leave your home—and everyone in it—refreshed and ready to play. And you’ll love the view from the end zone.

Controlling the Clock

Our four-person team in the yellow car is one of the most efficient defenders of home turf on the planet. Once we’ve scoured your home during your first clean, you’ll immediately see how much easier—and faster—the task is to handle going forward. And the best part? You can blitz your other tasks while we’re making your house shine like new. It’s like adding more minutes (hours!) to your play clock!

Double Coverage

Having a four-person team insures that every surface gets thoroughly cleaned and inspected. The Maids 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System, with its environmentally preferable products and HEPA filtration vacuums, ensures that allergens and germs get less playing time.

Forward Progress

The Maids continues to push the envelope on clean by routinely tackling many tasks, from deep cleaning refrigerators to scrubbing in-between toilet seat hinges. It’s our job to raise the bar, and then clean all the way around it.

Pass protection

Like any cleaning company worth its brooms, we are licensed, bonded and insured. The Maids has liability and employee accident coverage for your home, our team members and our company.

Feel like you never get ahead on housework? Use The Maids professional home cleaning company to level the playing field. Contact us for a free estimate today.



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