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For more than three decades, The Maids has been at the top of the home cleaning industry. We have an amazing team, and are happy to recognize the hard work and dedication of our members. Read on to learn more about the awards we’ve won and the ones we’ve given out to our top franchises. We also have plenty of behind-the-scenes information we’d love for you to check out. From summits we’ve attended to ceremonies we’ve spearheaded, we want to share the good news! After all, The Maids has never been your average cleaning company (and never will be). Read all about our latest announcements and awards!

Housekeeping Services Now With Extra Muscle﹣The Maids Partners With Mr. Clean

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When two outstanding products or services combine, the result is a customer experience that has consumers jumping for joy. For example, some of the best co-branding partnerships of all time include Betty Crocker and Hershey (the brownies!), Pottery Barn and Sherwin
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