Healthy and Green Cleaning

You want your home both clean and healthy. We know you won’t tolerate dust bunnies and grime taking up space in your home, and you shouldn’t allow allergens and pollutants to stick around either. When it comes to healthy home cleaning, you have an ally with The Maids. We only use environmentally preferred products and are big supporters of non-toxic cleaning strategies. Whether you’re trying to keep your home germ-free before flu season or want advice about keeping the kitchen spotless with eco-friendly methods, we know how! Read on to learn more about green cleaning and see how you can benefit today.

More Than Pushing Dust: The Maids Tackle Allergens

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How do you know your cleaning service isn’t just moving around dust and allergens? An alarming number of dust mites and allergens find their way into our homes every year, and eliminating them rather than simply dispersing them can be a real chore. For most families,

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