Event and Seasonal Cleaning

Holidays have an excellent way of bringing family and friends together. Whether you’re celebrating with BBQ, presents, cake, or anything else, we know that things can get a bit messy. But don’t stress! The Maids has advice for holiday cleaning before the party, and storage hacks for after the event. We want to help you feel at ease this holiday season with a clean home. With over 30 years of housekeeping experience, we’re more than ready to give you advice on keeping your abode spic-and-span during this busy time. Read on for more cleaning tricks and tips to use this upcoming season.

Get the Garage Ready for Winter

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Garage cleaning tips for changing seasons Before it gets too chilly, tackle the garage. A neat garage will make it easier to spring back into spring, though it seems a long time off. Broken down into discreet tasks, garage organizing and cleanup is manageable. ¨
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