BudgetingEver wonder how housecleaning service costs rank with other personal service expenses?

“Can I afford a housecleaning service?”

You may be posing this question silently in your head or directing it in a whisper to the interwebs, but we hear it out loud in our local offices all the time. And we have the answer.

Yes. Yes, you can.

…with a few caveats.

First and foremost, we’re a cleaning company, so we’re a little biased – but hear us out. The reason why we’re referred for a reason is that we see the value in our services. We know the difference we make in the lives of busy families, single parents, senior citizens, renters, freelancers and every customer we’ve ever had. Housecleaning is a chore. It takes time, energy, attention to detail and equipment that some people just don’t have.

But we do.

At The Maids, our cleaning solutions aren’t just grease grapplers and streak seekers. We have cleaning solutions for every situation – including how often and how many rooms we clean. If you can’t afford a bi-weekly, recurring clean, we can come less often. If you only need us every once in a while, then we’ll come when we’re called. If you only want us to focus on the kitchen, bathrooms, and hallways, we’ll get it done.

Other than customizing your services, there are ways to make housecleaning an affordable option if it is something you feel your home and your family need. As we said in our recent blog, The True Cost of Housecleaning, there are so many ways a regular cleaning can save you, especially if you can’t keep up with it as often as you want (or should).

Sometimes all it takes is a deep-dive into your monthly expenses to find room for a value-added service. Here are the average costs of common personal expenditures:

  • A night out for two (not including babysitting): $101+
  • Four-hours of evening babysitting: $80
  • One lunch out: $15
  • Haircut: $43+
  • Lawn Care: $55/week
  • 60-Minute Massage: $80
  • New Pair of Jeans: $50

Obviously, we’re not stating you should change or sacrifice your life so that you can afford a housecleaning service. But, when you consider that the average cup of barista coffee costs $3.25, that’s $780 a year on coffee if you buy it every morning before work. That’s a lot of housecleaning – and we’d venture to guess a clean home is just as energizing.

Of course, as with everything in your life, you have to do what’s best for you and your family. For some of our clients, that’s saving where they can and doing it themselves (there is value in that, too!). For others, it’s enlisting a larger village. The only way to truly know what to budget and expect is to contact us and find out.

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