Claire Dunphy has a point in this episode of Modern Family: When a mom is traveling with her family, it’s not a vacation. It’s a business trip.

When I saw this episode, I found an instant kindred spirit in this feisty modern mom. She got it. She knew the drama of planning for every contingency, the last minute sweep of things to do before getting everyone to the airport on time, the nagging feeling that she was going to be welcomed back home from tropical paradise with bathrooms rattled by last-minute prep, dishes she forgot to clean, and beds she didn’t have time to make.

Or maybe I’m projecting.

Hear me out. Vacations are necessary. Breaking from routine is important. Spending quality time with family is never out of the question. But…wouldn’t it be nice if the all-inclusive vacation also included a clean house upon arrival? Is it wrong that my favorite part of vacations is the fact that I can leave the hotel room in disarray and come back to it cleaned and freshened by someone else? Am I weird to feel the same way about soothing, sandy beaches as I do about gleaming, clutter-free countertops?

Don’t answer that.

The truth is, vacations—especially family vacations—aren’t always the relaxing, restorative departures they are meant to be. Ask Claire Dunphy and any parent with children.

So, take this travel tip from me. Hire a cleaning service you trust to clean your home while you are gone. Think of it as a souvenir from your trip, a way to extend the vacation at least one more day after coming home. You’ll leave for your vacation able to focus on the family in front of you instead of on the mess you are leaving behind. And you’ll be welcomed back by a clean home that doesn’t add to your post-vacation to-do list.

Doesn’t that sound like a vacation worth taking a little more often?

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