October’s pink campaign has achieved its awareness goal; the color has become synonymous with breast cancer and breast health. Most of us, however, don’t need a color to remind us the disease exists because it has affected us so personally, whether we are survivors ourselves or know people in our close and personal lives fighting it. But that doesn’t change the “power of the pink.” It only changes the dialogue from “here is why it’s important” to “here is what you can do to help.”

Just as the cure for any cancer is the combined efforts of hundreds of people, so is the support for those ravaged by the disease. We don’t have to be scientists or nurses or oncologists to make a difference to cancer patients; we just have to be willing to help. Sometimes that help comes in the form of a prepared meal. Sometimes it’s offering a shoulder to lean on. Sometimes it’s a ride to an appointment, a freshly baked brownie, or funny email.

And sometimes it’s a cleaning service.

Since our partnership with Cleaning for a Reason began in 2010, The Maids franchises have donated over 3,100 cleans valued at over $568,500. In 2016 alone, our franchises have provided over 470 free housecleanings to cancer patients and their families, giving them one less thing to worry about as they direct their efforts toward healing and time together. “It is important for us as a company to provide support by using the gifts and talent we know we have,” said Colin Bishop, President and CEO of The Maids International. “Aligning with Cleaning for a Reason was not only natural but necessary. When you know your services can make a difference, you do what you can to make that difference.”

It is a simple thing, but not a small one, as one of our own can attest.

Becky Kraemer, our Folsom franchise-owner and two-time cancer survivor, put it best in a recent press release, “Having a clean home is so needed when you are in a crisis,” she said. “[It’s important to have] healthy conditions, safe people in your home, an organized environment for everyone to function better, [and a] happier environment to heal in.”

As “Pinktober” fades, we hope that the color pink will continue to serve as your reminder to not only be aware of your own health, but also your ability to act as a positive, supportive force for those around you. Tap into your strengths to help those in need, whether it’s by keeping a cancer patient company with your sense of humor or by using your organization skills to create a neighborhood meal brigade or adding a list of her errands to your own. You can also expand the efforts of Cleaning for a Reason by donating now or by nominating a cancer patient for free cleaning services.

What does the color pink mean to you?

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