56 Things to Clean Before Super Bowl 56

Depending on your level of football fandom, it’s either an exciting day for sports or an exciting day for snacks. For us, the Super Bowl refers to the portion size of tortilla chips we’ll be consuming on the occasion. Whether your team wins or loses, you know the next day’s talk of the town will be filled with favorite commercials and thoughts on the halftime show. 

If you’re hosting a watch party this year, you’ll want your home in tiptop shape to maximize your guests’ comfort. Check out our list of 56 things to clean before Super Bowl 56; your place will be as sparkling as the Vince Lombardi.

What to clean before hosting the Super Bowl

  1. Make your floors shine.
  2. Take out the trash.
  3. Wash serving platters.
  4. Run the dishwasher.
  5. Launder any game gear, like your team jersey.
  6. Sanitize doorknobs.
  7. Focus on spotless faucets.
  8. If it’s been a few months, clean your oven to prep for yummy appetizer baking.
  9. Give the countertops a thorough wiping.
  10. Throw a few lemon peels down the garbage disposal.
  11. Wash serving spoons and other silverware.
  12. De-clutter common spaces.
  13. Vacuum furniture.
  14. Remove pet hair from seating areas.
  15. Dust shelves.
  16. Locate- then clean- the remote.
  17. Sprinkle the carpet with baking soda.
  18. Vacuum the carpet after letting the baking soda sit for a few minutes.
  19. Wipe bathroom counters and sinks.
  20. Get some football-themed or team-specific décor in the mix.
  21. Wash baseboards.
  22. Clean refrigerator exterior.
  23.  Clear kitchen counters of superfluous items, such as the toaster.
  24. Scrub toilets.
  25. Dust common room lampshades.
  26. Wipe down bathroom mirrors.
  27. Listen up, cat owners- scoop the litter box.
  28. Clean windows near the front door.
  29. Disinfect commonly touched items.
  30. Wipe down the wet bar.
  31. Clean crockpot in preparation for making that delicious queso.
  32. Clean bathroom floors.
  33. Dust TV console.
  34. De-clutter surfaces.
  35. Wipe dishwasher exterior.
  36. Peruse the refrigerator and toss any lingering leftovers.
  37. Wipe down refrigerator shelves.
  38. Scrub kitchen sink.
  39. Wash decorative pillow covers.
  40. Gather random dishes from kids’ rooms and transport to the kitchen.
  41. Make room in the coat closet for guests’ belongings.
  42. Get rid of excess clutter near the entryway.
  43. Dust vents.
  44. Wipe down kitchen cabinet exteriors.
  45. Make the beds in case your guests walk by (you’re probably thinking: did my mom write this??)
  46. If you’re a shoeless house, create a space for guests to leave their shoes.
  47. Put away kid toys. 
  48. Fluff or karate chop throw pillows.
  49. Check for random, corner cobwebs.
  50. Brush off your outdoor welcome mat.
  51. Replenish hand soap in the bathrooms.
  52. Investigate and eliminate any mysterious odors.
  53. Put away all folded laundry.
  54. Get coasters ready.
  55. Fold and store throw blankets.
  56. Get some appetizers cooking, and let the aromas fill the air.

With this list complete, your home will feel comfortable and welcoming to party guests. If you’re in a pinch for time (or energy), don’t hesitate to call The Maids. We can cover the dirty details, so you can sit back and relax and watch some football!

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