They’re so cute, but their messes are not. We’ve got the tips in making sure your territory doesn’t stay marked.

If your family has a pet, you understand the special kind of love between your entire family and your pet. When Spring rolls around it’s time to get your family and your furry friends outside for some fresh air. With summer comes shedding season. We love our furry friends but have serious woes when it comes to the constant chore of cleaning up after them. Try these powerful DIY tips to clean up that pesky hair and keep both you and your pets happy!


  • The first thing you can do for your pet is to groom them regularly. If they have a certain area where they often rest, place a sheet or towel on that area. Shake this sheet out periodically or wash it.
  • In addition to their normal hangout, keep an eye out for hiding places where their hair may be migrating from, such as behind doors and under beds.
  • For those of you looking to nip the shedding in the bud, rub a fabric softener sheet over your pet to attract hair without the harsh tug and pull of using a brush.
  • Vacuuming several times a week using full suction power on your carpet can help prevent pet hair build-up. For hardwood or other hard floors, try an electrostatic mop.
  • To remove pet hair from upholstery and furniture, use a dry and clean sponge. Run it over the furniture and the fur will stick right to it. Or, if you have a pair of rubber gloves, run those along the couch to pull the hair off.
  • Those last minutes snuggles with your pet can leave you with a hairy present on your clothes. Always have an emergency lint roller on hand for quick cleanup.


Have your pet and keep your house clean too! And remember, “Woof Woof,” or “Meow” means “Thank you for cleaning up my hair” in pet-talk.

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