5 Ways To Keep Football Season From Driving You Crazy
An article from the International Business Times claims that Fantasy Football will reduce productivity of the American workforce by $13 billion this football season. And while that number is astounding, if not unbelievable, there are many people who would agree that the football season takes a chunk out of the productivity at home as well.

Whether you are the football fan or your significant other is the one parking it on the couch game after game, one thing is for sure: when football season takes hold of your home, it doesn’t leave cleanly or quietly. This is particularly true if the pigskin passion doesn’t fall evenly.

If you fall in the camp of those mildly resentful of what football season brings to your weekends, this list is for you.

1. Let’s Make a Deal
It isn’t fair for one person to handle all the housework, weekly planning, grocery shopping, and maintenance on a weekend while the other one sits and begs not to be interrupted. Make a point to discuss which games are most important and which ones it’s okay to run a vacuum through. Or decide how much time the television will be on, and what else you can to do with the rest of the day.

2. Embrace Commercial Breaks
It’s the blessing and curse of watching live games; there is no speeding through commercials. So use the time outs, half times, and ad breaks to your advantage. Make a list of tasks that range from five to 20 minutes–folding laundry, sorting bills, making the weekly menu–make the list and tackle it together. It will encourage exercise, blood flow, and bonding, and make Monday (and Monday Night Football) that much easier to handle.

3. Games start with a kick-off. So should you.
And by kick-off, we mean kick “out”. If you have kids, football can offer a great way to bond with the family. And if one of the parents would rather clean a bathroom than watch the game, a good compromise can be to take one or all of the munchkins to a sports restaurant for a couple of hours. They can enjoy one-on-one time in a new setting, while you can get the house to yourself for a while. Or you can take the opportunity to kick yourself out, enjoy a workout, catching up with friends, or kid-free errands.

4. Trades happen.
If Sunday is game day for the football fan, then work out a trade so the other can devote some uninterrupted time for his or her interests during another part of the week. Again, it’s about balance.

5. Create your own fantasy league.
But not the one you may be thinking of. Place a wager on the game, like “If the Vikings win, you have to do [blank].” Fill in that blank with what needs to be done—anything from emptying the dishwasher to getting groceries to…whatever. Get the game line-up, chart the wagers for each match-up, and let the games begin.

They say that the best offense is a good defense, and while that may be the case, the best thing you can do to survive football season is to keep the lines of communication open and lay out what the needs and wants are. Go team!


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