5 Tips To Freshen Up Your Front Door Blog

Whether you prefer a modern door design or a more traditional one, nothing says, “Welcome home!” like a beautiful front door.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the basics of how to paint a front door, how to choose front door accessories, and how to use plants in the front entry way. We hope it inspires you to make a grand entrance into the new season!


1. Paint your door the right way.



The actual painting of your door can be a little intense, depending on your door’s design and your skill level. The DIY Network has a great little tutorial here. Even with the scraping, sanding, and confident brush strokes required for the job, the hardest part of learning how to paint a front door isn’t the labor; it’s choosing a front door paint color. We’re here to help.

This year, teals and turquoises are making a lovely entrance (ahem) onto the front door scene, and they are neutral enough to play nicely with most existing color palettes. Other great choices are yellows, navy blues, and greens. One of the most useful first steps is to survey your front entry way and ponder the following:

• Do you want your door to match the room it opens into?
• Are there colors in the surrounding landscaping and building materials that inspire you?
• What’s the overall impression you want to give: cheerful? Elegant? Stately? Charming?
• Are there period-centric color palettes that would suit your overall goal?
• What is your favorite color?

Once you have an idea, grab some paint samples and tape them to the door for no less than 24 hours. The one that sticks the longest is your color. Just kidding (although that may make the process easier). The reason you want to give it a full day is that you need to see what the color will look like during every phase of the day and as the door opens and closes. The right color will become fairly obvious to you; if it doesn’t, walk away from the project for a few days and look at the samples with fresh eyes. Once you’ve narrowed down samples to two, you can’t make a wrong choice; if you happen to change your mind, it’s as easy as repainting!

2. Get your plants and your door on the same page.

Cozy Cottage


Now that your paint color is set, let’s make it pop with coordinating plants, planters, and foliage. Look at how these plants stand as sentries next to their beautiful front door, guarding the entrance in grand style. Choose plants for the sun exposure first, and then whittle the selection from there; after all, you need them to survive to get the warm, welcoming vibe you’re going for.


3. Edge toward a modern door design.

Kirkland Residence


Full paneled, yet opaque, glass glows from within, immediately feeling like a warm invitation to the other side of the door. This soft palette lets these homeowners go a little bold with colorful plants and ornamental decor, playing up the seasons or whatever strikes their fancy. Modern front doors may be sleek and simple, but they are anything but boring.


4. Dress up your door numbers.

Front Porch Bliss


There are almost as many door number styles as there are numbers. Before you do an internet search, do yourself a favor and figure out what sizes, color, and style you think would look best. Also consider where you are putting them. Number placement is important; they typically are placed above, to the side, or on the door (or on the steps leading up). The goal is to convey personality while still being functional, just like the beautiful front door does above.


5. Get a knock-out door knocker.

Craftsman Home


Whether you get a personalized door knocker that travels with you from home to home or one that perfectly accessorizes your current abode, door knockers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and themes. The dragonfly door knocker on the door above adds some whimsical charm to its Craftsman entrance (and aren’t those house numbers perfect?).

Summer is a great time to breathe new life into your beautiful front door decor. Will you be painting yours this year?

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