5 Tips For Naturally Beautiful Curb Appeal

Picking out the right exterior paint colors for your home is never as fun as it first appears to be. While it may be fun to pick out swatches and paint samples on the side of your home, picking the perfect color is often a gut-wrenching process: what if it’s too dark? What if it’s too bright? What if we get tired of it too soon? How long can we leave these paint swatches up before someone judges us?

One no-fail approach to picking out exterior paint colors is to use Mother Nature as a guide. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Natural Curb Appeal Tip #1: Charm, don’t overpower.

Houses that are “made in the shade” can’t be as bold as their full-sun counterparts; a bright yellow door usually looks too jarring and out of place. Instead, sun-dappled homes should opt for soothing neutrals and natural accents, like the home below. In this example, having a white door is anything but bland; its creamy color pulls out the window accents and gives the rest of the house depth and structure.

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Natural Curb Appeal Tip #2: Balance the light and the dark.

You can rarely go wrong with an ivory house, white trim, and plucky accents, like the home below. These light neutrals allow the natural elements of the landscaping to stand on their own, bringing attention to nature instead of competing with it. Blue-toned accents, like aqua, pull the sky into the mix, and create subtle drama along the exterior.

5 Tips For Naturally Beautiful Curb Appeal

Natural Curb Appeal Tip #3: Think green.

Painting your house green to blend in with your landscape may seem like a no-brainer, but the precise hue definitely isn’t. The soft gray-green of this home is neutrally cool, which lets its warm butter yellow accents, as well as the vibrant greens of the wisteria, resonate against the façade. If you choose green as your paint color, just remember your goal is to complement, not camouflage.

5 Tips For Naturally Beautiful Curb Appeal

Natural Curb Appeal Tip #4: 100 Shades of Gray

When it comes to shades of gray, fifty just isn’t enough. There is a gray for every mood, style, and exterior paint choice. We love this slate gray exterior paint with white accents, and the dark navy door is pretty choice. Where some homeowners will want a door that “pops,” these residents chose a darker, more stately hue, and the pink camellias nearby are all the better for it.

Natural Curb Appeal Tip #5: Don’t force it.

Painting your home’s exterior not on the list this summer? There are still plenty of ways to improve your curb appeal. A fresh layer of mulch, lush green grass, and several eye-popping perennials and annuals can go a long way in framing your existing exterior paint color.

Not every home is going to face south with enough sun exposure to bring color and a sprawling grass lawn to life. If your front yard is shaded, use your prolific trees to your advantage; add architectural and natural interest with mulched beds, stone paths, benches and boulders. You’ll be the coolest yard on the street come summer, with plenty of inspiration for paint choices when you are ready.

5 Tips For Naturally Beautiful Curb Appeal

What color is your home? Would you change it?

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