Ask any child in the 4th grade, and they’ll tell you: sandwiches were so last year. As in every day last year. This year, think outside the bread and pack lunches for your kids that are full of variety, nutrition, and most of all, FUN.

Breakfast for lunch

Who doesn’t love brunch? Whole wheat pancakes with mascarpone and strawberries served taco-style is the best thing since PBJ (without excluding those with nut allergies) and bagel sandwiches with a hard-boiled egg gives growing athletes a protein boost with love. Keri at Shaken Together offers several more brunch-themed ideas here.


Forks and Folly reminds us that quesadillas don’t need to be hot to be delicious, and what child doesn’t like a cheese sandwich? Serve with guacamole or salsa and you’ve got a triangle fold on Taco Tuesdays.

Meat roll-ups

Take a slice of deli meat, slather it with mayo or mustard, and top with leafy greens and cheese. Roll up from the short end, slice into bite-sized pieces and secure each with a toothpick. Voila! Try these ham-and-cheese Cucumber Roll-ups from

Think kabob

What’s more fun than food on a stick? Grab some blunted bamboo skewers and start threading on the fun. Cheese cubes, folded deli meats, cherry tomatoes, and broccoli make a nutritious lunch they can build on their own. Lunch kabobs like these are great for those kids who talk with their hands—they might even remind your munchkin to take a bite once in a while.


For your more adventurous children (and you know who they are), sushi packs a flavorful wallop. You could purchase sushi ahead of time at the store or use this delicious Japanese Rice Balls recipe from that makes it easy enough for the kids to do.

We’re always hungry for more ideas! What creative foods do you put your in your kids’ packed lunches?

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